Monday, October 28, 2013

Tori Spelling Trashes Katie Holmes

Tori Spelling's new tell-all trashes actress Katie Holmes.

In her new book, Tori Spelling slams Katie Holmes and writes about a very awkward encounter they had after initially meeting each other years earlier.
In "Spelling It Like It Is," the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star recalls first meeting Holmes in the 1990s when she was appearing in the movie "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" with a friend.
Spelling says the former "Dawson's Creek" star was "shy but engaging, and altogether pretty adorable." But when they met again 10 years later outside the studio of a vocal teacher they shared, Holmes was a totally different person.
Spelling writes, "As I sat waiting outside his music room, I heard his prior appointment working with him in the other room. It was some actress singing horribly off-key... That made me feel better. I heard him say good-bye and then the actress walked out of the room. It was Katie Holmes.
"I didn't know whether we should hug or shake hands. But the signal from her was immediately clear: Don't even come close. I instantly got nervous. We clearly weren't going to catch up on the last ten years. And we certainly weren't going to talk about her husband, Tom Cruise."
Spelling tried to find common ground by talking about their children, but Holmes had no idea the actress even had kids.
Spelling explains, "Then I was annoyed. 'Come on. OK, I know you're busy. But you're in the public eye. Don't tell me you don't follow the tabloids. Don't tell me you don't know anything about other celebrities and their kids.' Then we stood there. She was just plastic. In a perfectly polite way... My pits were drenched. I never sweat. It was that awkward....
"As my anxiety faded, I just felt sorry for her. I hadn't expected her to reminisce, but this was a totally different person from the girl I'd met at Trader Vic's. I felt sad for her. Those paparazzi photos, the ones where she looks like she's miserable but putting on a happy face? That's what she looked like in person. Not long after that encounter the news would break that she and Tom had split up."
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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Tori leave folks alone and go fix those two busted ass tupperware in your chest you called titties, your insecure ass is the last one to throw shade.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the D-List Tori. As long as Katie was perfectly polite, then you needed to back off of your sense of entitlement, Katie didn't owe you jack. And maybe her telling you that she did not know you had kids was her polite way of saying she just doesn't care and was in no mood to talk. Everybody has a bad day, Katie included. If she gave the signal she wanted to be left alone maybe you should have taken the hint and just said hello and that's it.

Anonymous said...

hahal everybody hates tory

Anonymous said...

Dealing with crazy Tom, of course she did not now what was going on in the world - She had to keep the front that she was brainwashed by the scientology crew!!!!

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