Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Britney Spears Hiding Secret From Her Gay Fans

Britney Spears' millions of gay fans are in for a shock.

Popped tart BRITNEY SPEARS is hiding a secret that may trigger backlash from her gay fans.
The ENQUIRER has discovered the singer, 31, opposes gay marriage and sources say her management team is desperate to keep her views under wraps despite a recent slip-up. “Britney has worked with and danced with a LOT of gays over the years,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.
“She’s never been homophobic but she doesn’t support gay marriage because the Bible is against it.” The “Toxic” thrush leaked her potentially career-threatening opinion during a Twitter Q&A promo-ing her new LP “Billie Jean”.
Asked about her favorite author, Brit named Max Lucado, a controversial San Antonio, Texas-based preacher who penned a 2004 article claiming that homosexuality could lead to “legalized incest.” Now Britney’s handlers are worried that her off-the-cuff comment will ignite a bomb in the gay community.
“When Britney spouted off about Lucado being her favorite author, I doubt that she even knew about his opposition to gay marriage,” the source noted. “She just shot off her mouth. Now she’s stunned that her remarks have everyone so worried. Her handlers have always promoted her to the gay audience, and they’re scrambling to do damage control.”
The source cites Britney’s upbringing in the Baptist church as the reason for her opposition to gay nups.
“Britney grew up singing in the church and attends the local Baptist church when she’s home in Louisiana,” explained the source. “She says the Bible bans gay marriage and she follows that teaching.”
But Britney’s savvy enough to realize gays are important to her success and has been told in no uncertain terms that her opposition to gay marriage could short-circuit her career, said the source. “Her handles know what’s good for business,” added the source. “And Britney will never talk about her disapproval of gay marriage in public.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

This story is filled with so much hilarity, the bible is against it?? so the gay's made this no talent hack famous and now her views as a brain dead/ hopped up on Zoloft walking puppet. honey they gay's ain't checking for her views, she ain't on nobodies radar gay or straight, so her opinions matter naught. this horse legs were broken a long time ago, ain't nobody checking for Britney.

Anonymous said...

If these are her views fine! We are now being forced to accept others views. Good for her.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

She looks terrible with her dead doll eyes and fake grin for the camera. Sometimes her wigs look good, sometimes not since her hair never did grow back properly from that sheep shave she gave it. Who gives a rats ass how she feels about gay marriage. They don't want equal rights, they want special rights and tired of their lifestyle being rammed down our hetero throats. Be quiet about it and live your life.

Anonymous said...

i'm happy to hear she has an opinion and is resisting her mind control.

Anonymous said...

So what a lot of people have that view I feel that way as well dosen't mean I hate gay people. I meet some really nice gay people but I don't agree or believe in their life style.

Anonymous said...

She can't even handle her own affairs who who gives a fuck what her opinion is at this point. Brit could pop a squat and shit on live TV and her fans would still support her.

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