Monday, November 4, 2013

Christina Aguilera Disgusted by CeeLo Green

Pop star Christina Aguilera is disgusted by her The Voice co-star after allegations he drugged his date and had sex with her without consent.
CHRISTINA AGUILERA is disgusted by the sex and drug allegations leveled against fellow “Voice” coach CEELO GREEN – and she’s been telling pals she wants NOTHING to do with him!
CeeLo, 38, appeared in a Los Angeles court on Oct. 21, where he pleaded “not guilty” to a felony drug charge of supplying Ecstasy. The charge stems from a July 2012 incident in which a woman accused him of slipping the psychoactive drug into her drink. She also claimed CeeLo had sex with her in a hotel room without her consent.
The L.A. District Attorney’s office declined to charge CeeLo with raping the 33-year-old woman, noting she admitted having dated him for months before the incident. But reports say CeeLo is heard in a taped conversation talking about the drug. While “VOICE” executive producer Mark Burnett has said the “Crazy” singer will not be fired over the charges, the stunning accusations have left Christina furious about CeeLo’s continued association with the hit show.
“Christina’s very upset about the situation,” said a source. “Producers have told her to ignore the accusa-tions and get along with CeeLo for the sake of the show, but she finds the whole thing creepy and hates all the negative publicity it’s caused.
“She can’t look at him the same way she did before this whole thing came to light. It’s so sleazy and makes her shudder to think that he could be accused of something so vile. “She’s telling friends she’s freaked out and having a hard time spending so much time with him.” Set insiders say that Adam Levine and Blake Shelton also view CeeLo as a liability. “Nobody really wants him around because his connection to a nasty drug and sex scandal is not what they want to portray to viewers and fans,” said the source.
CeeLo returned to “The Voice” for Season 5, which premiered on Sept. 23, after taking a break. His last season replacement, Usher, will be returning to the set for Season 6, NBC recently announced. “The producers have always been supportive of CeeLo,” noted another source. “He’s never rocked the boat or given them problems, but the truth is this kind of notoriety is horrible for the show. “They’re going to limp along with CeeLo on board this season, but it’s uncomfortable for everyone.” This isn’t the first time CeeLo has been the target of drug and sex-relat¬ed allegations. As The ENQUIRER reported in 2011, CeeLo’s ex-girl¬friend Taylor Jackson claimed he took Ecstasy and also tried to convince her to have group sex with him and other women.
Now, CeeLo is due to appear in court again on Nov. 20. Although he faces four years in prison, sources believe he will likely plead to a lesser charge and be given probation in the drug case. While that’s good news for CeeLo, it apparently doesn’t make Christina feel any better. “Producers have told her the show must go on,” said the source. “So Christina’s being a pro about it. She’ll go along no matter how uncomfortable it makes her.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

yea, he just disgusts me...

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that Cee Lo was creepy way before these allegations came to light. He probably has tried to hit on Xtina on some straight up seriousness and she, like any other woman on the planet with a brain, was totally repulsed. Cee Lo gives me the Rick Ross, Jay-Z vibe. An extremely unattractive man that now because of money and fame has tried to turn up his confidence by adopting an arrogant, entitled, God-like persona (also their defense mechanism). They project this image to women as it is supposed to serve as some sort of a powerful aphrodisiac. This is a delusion these men sell themselves. Hell, Cee Lo creeps me out through the tv, I can't imagine having to sit by him, ewww.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

I'm disgusted by both of them, from Christina who can't seem to get her weave game correct or correct shade of tanning spray, the right color whore's lipstick. or that ugly ass bat boy she spawned with, get disgusted with yourself at Ozzi's ugly ass, big headed, man calf, no talent daughter throwing shade on yo ass. Cee Lo looks like a demonic djinn smokeless fire looking bastard. I'm not surprised by the allegations of slipping micky's in folks drinks. he just look like the lil midget type who would do some fuckery like that.

Anonymous said...

Christina and Cee Lo need to go. that's all..

dreadee said...

He's not the first celebrity to do it, and won't be the last. She know that.

Anonymous said...

This ugly midget been drugging women-this is just the first time he got caught!

Tippie Hippie said...

This coming from a trick that makes out with men in front of her soon to be ex husband - she needs to ZIP IT!

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