Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christopher Walken and Lenny Kravirtz Cast In New Film

Christopher Walken and Lenny Kravitz cast as father and son in a new film by Dan Algrant.
Oscar winner Christopher Walken has signed on to star with Lenny Kravitz in Little Rootie Tootie, the next film from writer-director Dan Algrant. Walken will play a veteran jazz pianist who is mourning the death of his wife. His son (Kravitz), returns home with his own wife, disrupting the couple’s careers as musicians in Europe to deal with the brilliant Sonny as his behavior becomes manic and destructive. The trio tries to present the illusion of a functioning family, as the eccentricities inherent in being working musicians leads them tumbling toward a tragic but impactful conclusion.
The film will shoot in January in New York City.
Jacked from Dead Line

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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

I love Christopher Walken, he's one of the greats and one of my all time favorites. I just watching on Netflix his snl comedy skits. loved him in the Prophecy, Deer Hunter, Annie Hall he slays any role he starts in very diverse as an actor. now I don't know if Lenny has acting chops and I'm not a fan of pairing a novice with one of the greats, when it comes to films, I like Lenny as a singer but don't know if he will be able to pull this off, now the premise sounds interesting. I'm a fan of Walken so I would see this movie.

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