Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Conner Cruise Falls In with the Wrong Crowd

Tom Cruise is upset that his adopted son Conner has fallen in with the wrong crowd.
TOM CRUISE is worried about his teenage son Connor because the up-and-coming club DJ has become best buddies with hard-partying British actor Alex Pettyfer, a source says.
As The ENQUIRER has reported, 23-year-old Pettyfer – who shot tofame in the raunchy male strip¬per hit “Magic Mike” – has a reputation for being vulgar and ill-tempered.
Sources say Cruise fears those badboy antics will rub off on 18-year-old Connor. “Tom is a hands-on dad, and he’s begging Connor to replace Alex with more respectable friends,” disclosed an insider.
“Connor hasn’t gotten into any serious trouble yet, but Tom lives in fear that his son is one step away from an embarrassing scandal.”
But Connor – a regular fixture on the club scene who recently released his first dance music single, “Closer to Heaven” – has already shifted into the fast lane, said the source. “He’s smoking cigarettes, courting hot models and partying into the wee hours of the morning,” revealed the source.
“It’s definitely not the lifestyle a squeaky-clean guy like Tom Cruise approves of for his son. Tom is very close with Connor and supports his career, but he’s warning him that Alex is liable to pull him down.”
And that influence was evident on Oct. 22 during a video game launch party at the L.A. hotspot Greystone Manor. A huge bottle of vodka was parked on the VIP table that Connor shared with Alex, who stars in the upcoming “Endless Love” remake. The two buds were also said to have partied hearty at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival last April.
Adding to Tom’s concerns is a warning from former Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley. Her daughter, actress Riley Keough, got engaged to Alex in March 2012, just six months after they started dating. Lisa Marie urged Riley to dump Alex after reports surfaced that he cheated on her. She also feared Alex was just looking to get a chunk of the family’s estimated $300 million fortune. Riley broke off the engagement, but the two were spotted holding hands in August.
Meanwhile, Connor’s 20-year-old sister Isabella – adopted, like Connor, by Tom and ex-wife Nicole Kidman – is also giving her dad headaches, sources say.
The tattooed art student has sported a rainbow of hair colors, and she briefly lived near L.A.’s seedy Skid Row.
“Tom’s worst nightmare would be having one of his kids go down the same path as Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus,” said the source.
“He’s crossing his fingers that Connor gives Alex the heave-ho.”
Jacked from National Enquirer  


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Tom your rich if your so worried hire some young bodyguards to shadow your kid, better yet get him a job on movies your doing, make him an assistant or something. also have a talk why you lied about his paternity and him being adopted. hell hollyweid did not want their leading man cavorting with black women, so you lied. I don't see Conner having that River Phoenix energy around him, I don't see this kid doing speedballs..yet now he's the son of a major celebrity so that will attract a lot of parasites and shady characters, and if Conner does not have a strong sense of self he will be vulnerable to the temptations of hollyweird. his father is rich so at the end of the day either find shit for him to do, he likes to dj then enroll him in some school for kids with musical talents, bottom line he needs to feel useful of who he is outside of his dad enormous fame. enroll his ass in Juilliard acting school. Tom should also know the boy is going through regular teen stuff and as a Cancer I'm speaking from experience being a Cancer parent myself, we have to let our kids make their own mistake, we often times use our cardinal nature to control everything around us, including relationships and children, wanting to preserve that perfect image, guess what life ain't like that. kids will fuck up and test the limits and for wealthy kids having an identity and self worth outside their parents wealth and fame, that can be hard. Tom is married to his career, he needs to spend time with Connor take him under his wing, find out what the boy likes, his interest don't be another Johnny Carson, another Cancer to involved in their inner world and exclude their outer world. were supposed to be the best parents, but we can be so self absorbed that our kids bare the brunt of our lone wolf style.

Anonymous said...

Tommy it's too damn late, you are in the same boat as Will and Jada. You mofos failed parenting 101, which is that you are not your child's friend, you are their parent. You have to provide your with structure, guidance, and morals. That new age parenting shit you are on is just that shit. You had those things growing up, why would deny you kids the same?

Anonymous said...

@ Niyabinghi Warrior- Agree with everything you said except...Johnny Carson was a Scorpio.

Anonymous said...

@ Niyabinghi Warrior- Agree with everything you said as well. I wish I could forward your email to Mr. Cruise because you gave excellent advice on the situation.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read a thing. I was too caught up in the resemblance. Who is the black chick he hooked up with and covered his tracks with "adoption"?

Unknown said...

i agree 10:20!!!! When then hell are they going to get to the bottom what black chick Tom knocked up and paid off to keep her trap shut!!! Dat nigg looks JUST. like him!!! Heard Tom was down with the swirl anyway!!!!

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