Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Iggy Azaela Denies Epic Wardrobe Malfunction

Iggy Azaela fires back at reports that she flashed her vag on the red carpet at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

In what was possibly the wardrobe malfunction of the year, Iggy Azalea accidentally went and flashed her lady bits to the cameras on the red carpet at last night's MTV Europe Music Awards.
But, quick to clear things up (which is probably a good thing in these sort of situations), the leggy blonde singer has let everyone know that what we thought we could see, we couldn't actually see at all. Alongside THE picture, Iggy wrote on her Instagram account: "If you think this involves my vag lips your mistaken. And yeah I'm posting it just to let you know I don't give a f**k about a bikini line and the line that joins my ass to my leg. Enjoy..."
So there you have it. They're not her "vag lips" and anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken.
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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Yuk don't nobody want to see that ugly mr bigglesworth, dr evil pussy.

Anonymous said...

Too late Iggy- Lady Gaga did this a couple of years ago- showing off her little peen!

Looks like Iggy got one too LOL!

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