Monday, November 18, 2013

Jenna Jameson Caught on Hidden Camera

Jenna Jameson caught on tape drugging and boozing in front of her kids.
An explosive new video was just leaked online from inside Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz‘s home, showing the porn star allegedly drinking alcohol while her children are around, popping pills and even smashing surveillance cameras in a violent rage — and has the video.
The shocking footage — titled “Someone was always watching Jenna Jameson” — was posted by user Dave Delino and shows clips of Jameson’s ex and father of her children, Ortiz, with the children in the kitchen, but it’s what the camera catches Jameson doing that is disturbing.
At the 2:00 mark Jameson appears to pull an entire bottle of wine from the floor at her bedside and drinks straight from it, while her children are in the room.
That clip is dated March 13, 2013.
On March 16, 2013 Jameson again hobbles into her bedroom and drinks from the hidden bottle beside her bed while her 4-year-old twins, Journey and Jesse, play on the computer.
The former porn star also appears to pop pills by her dresser at various points in the footage.
The video is captioned, “Jenna Jameson drinking,taking pills,and smashing cameras. All in front of her boys. These are some of the reason why Tito Ortiz has full custody of those boys.”
Later in the clip Jameson is seen at the 6:40 mark climbing up a ladder and smashing the interior surveillance camera in her living room with a hammer, timestamped Nov. 8, 2012.
Moments later she does the same to the camera in her kitchen, and then seven hours later destroys the one in her bedroom.
Jameson, 39, eventually makes her way around the entire home, smashing all the cameras.
In May 2012 Jameson was arrested and charged with three misdemeanor counts for DUI, driving with a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit, and she was sentenced to three years probation.
Then in April 2013 she was arrested for battery after she assaulted her assistant with a brass knuckle iPhone.

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Anonymous said...

the scenes of her smashing the cameras are hilarious

the scenes of her drinking are just sad

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Her husband is a pos, there is something off about him, there's a vicious, violent energy about him and I always felt he was abusing her and doing some real sick shit to her. her ass needs to get in rehab and get herself cleaned up, all those years of hoeing has took its toll on her spirit, at this point she's a walking dead. but her husband is a sociopath who needs to watch his damn self too, I would not put it past him to sexually abuse those kids, something in my spirit just throw up when I look at him, he's demented and hides it behind a friendly demeanor. there is much more to this tragic story, sadly she may not come out of this alive, a lifetime of abusing one's spirit and body, starting when she was a child can take its toll. fuck her husband trying to make himself look good releasing this. he ain't fooling nobody his a sick individual.

Anonymous said...

Jenna & Tito are both dysfunctional nut cases. I give him more credibility than her though. This isn't the first relationship or marriage she screwed up. Nobody told her to get in porn, she wanted to be the biggest whore in the world. Now she's completely brain dead pretty much and going back to porn. Lost all her millions, her home and is a trainwreck. Even her speech in the phone video clip on radaronline sounds like she's on something. Nothing good can come from that demonic lifestyle. She sold her soul to have fame/fortune as a sex demon and the result is a tortured soul. Sad for her children. Only 1 way for her to heal herself and its not by wearing a sideways cross like she did in the video. Sorry that's not a fashion statement or a new way to wear matter what THEY Say.

Anonymous said...

Its sad when you cant have privacy in your own home.who ever did this is saddddddd.what ever she was drinking was befind the bed,so maybe she was hiding it from the kids.they sat watching the computer not her,she need to get help but the camera fast fowarded to her drinking...the housewives drink just as lame what a failed set up.some men are so sad , they dont want you to have a thing.hope she kicks hi to the curb and gets it together befor she gets set up.

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