Monday, November 11, 2013

Jessica Simpson Bans Gay Dad From Wedding

Jessica Simpson bans her newly outed gay father from her upcoming wedding for fear he might cause a scene.

JESSICA SIMPSON has banned her father Joe from her wedding because she’s afraid he’ll cause an embarrassing scene!
The “Dukes of Hazzard” star – who’s planning to head down the aisle with ex-football player Eric Johnson – has been at odds with her dad/ manager since he and her mom, Tina, divorced this past spring after 34 years of marriage.
Last year, The ENQUIRER revealed the Simpson clan was rocked by Joe’s confession that he was gay. And in our Nov. 12, 2012, issue, gay escort Joey Anderson revealed steamy details about the night Joe paid him $600 for sex at a New York City hotel.
Complicating his relationship with his daughter even further, Joe, 55, walked away from the divorce with a chunk of the profits from Jessica’s billion-dollar fashion line, which is co-owned by Tina. “Jessica’s relationship with her father has deteriorated so much she doesn’t want him at her wedding,” said a source. “She’s afraid he’ll make a spectacle of himself, or worse yet, start something with Tina.
“Jessica still loves Joe, but she wants the day to be about her and Eric, not some sideshow with her dad.”
Jessica, 33, and Eric, 34, have put their wedding plans on hold several times over the past few years, in part due to Jessica’s pregnancies with daughter Maxwell, now 17 months, and 4-month-old son Ace.
Another friend says Jessica has already told Joe he won’t be invited to the nuptials, which will likely take place next year. “Joe was devastated,” the friend noted. “But his relationship with Jess is hanging by a thread, and he doesn’t want to rock the boat any further. So he’s not making a big deal about it.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer

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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

This sucks all the way around, as a Cancer I know she must want her dad to walk her down the isle, but his betrayal of his family with his secret lifestyle and the walking away with a chunk of her money has gotta hurt, on one hand he did help make her who she is today so he did deserve some loot, and is she not inviting him because she's still pissed he came out the closet? is dad going to get drunk and act a fucking fool? is so that's what security is for. its sad they can't move past this, Cancers are very close to their families even if they are the loner types like Cruise and Johhny Carson married to their careers.

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