Monday, November 4, 2013

Jusitn Bieber Caught Sneaking Out of a Brothel

Justin Bieber was caught sneaking out of a brothel in in Brazil.
Justin Bieber, is that you? During his downtime from gearing up to perform in Brazil, the "Heartbreaker" singer has allegedly been spending his off hours at a brothel. According to the New York Post's Page Six (and several photos), the 19-year-old singer was reportedly trying to sneak out of a brothel on Friday, Nov. 1. the photos, Bieber is supposedly seen leaving the popular brothel Centauros in Rio de Janeiro while trying to cover up underneath a bed sheet. Page Six claims that the "Boyfriend" singer and a friend were inside the sex den for three hours, and when he came out to leave his bodyguards began to spray water at photographers.
But, did the photographers stop taking pictures? Nope! In fact, the Post reports that Bieber was escorted into the back seat of a car while two ladies from the brothel were then spotted getting escorted into a separate vehicle on its way back to the singer's hotel. (A rep for Bieber has no comment.)
The incident is just the latest shocking alleged situation connected to Bieber. Just last month, the "Never Say Never" entertainer was accused of assaulting DJ Michael Woods' tour manager, Alex Madden, in mid-October during a night out at a club in South Korea. Bieber allegedly threw a cheap shot at Madden after a heated exchange began after the young star requested hip hop music to be played.
Jacked from Us Magazine  


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

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Anonymous said...

Well the lil bitch looks like a 15 year old girl so only way he prolly get laid...lil fag scary punk I swear i would pay to see this lil bitch get her ass kicked

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