Monday, November 4, 2013

Kanye West Turning Into a Bridezilla

Kanye West has turned into a total bridezilla during the planning of his wedding to Kim Kardashian.
KANYE West is turning into a “bridezilla” as he and fiancee Kim Kardashian begin arranging their wedding.
The pair recently got engaged after Kanye went down on one knee, and a source says the rapper is “turning into a bridezilla and plans on overseeing all details of the over the top event”. “Kanye has a very specific vision of what the ceremony should look like and this won’t be an understated or intimate event,” said the mole.
“Kanye wants the wedding to take place in Paris and has even indicated that he is willing to fly over Kim’s family on his dime.
“Kim is just letting Kanye take charge, as she has done with all other parts of her life. She is being consulted on everything, but it’s very different from how Kim handled her wedding to Kris. “That was Kim’s wedding. This is going to be Kanye’s wedding. “Kanye considers himself to be an expert at fashion and wants Kim to look her best on their wedding day.
“He wants a dress that will show off her figure, including her infamous rear end!”
Jacked from Showbiz Spy  


Anonymous said...

he's probably mad that HE can't be the bride and sashay down the aisle in a custom-made designer gown!

Apuestas Copa del Mundo 2014 - Zoebet said...

I think so. But really why could not be else and nobody figure it out?

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