Friday, November 1, 2013

Lamar Odom Parties with a Bevvy of Beauties

While his marriage continues to swirl the drain Lamar Odom spotted clubbing with a gaggle of girls at a Hollywood hotspot.
Trust in any relationship is imperative and this is something that Khloé Kardashian pondered over on Thursday on social media.
The 29-year-old uploaded a quote from Buddha on her Instagram, which read, “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” Khloé followed up the post with this tweet: “Act as if you trust people. … But know you can only trust yourself. I control my destiny.”
Perhaps it was her woman’s intuition that led her to post the subject matter because as she was posting about trust and letting go, her husband Lamar Odom was out flirting up at storm at a Hollywood hotspot — despite hours earlier revealing that he and Khloé were “wonderful” and “unbreakable.”
“We’re wonderful. We’re unbreakable,” the 33-year-old former NBA player told Us Weekly at the Inside Jokes Comedy Club in L.A. ”That’s why I wear my wedding ring.” “It is a beautiful ring,” he noted. “From a beautiful wife.”
His relationship with his wife, however, seemed to be the furthest thing from his mind as he was spotted partying and flirting with a bevy of women at Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood around 1 a.m. Thursday morning.
“He arrived with three male friends for the club’s Halloween bash and stayed for about an hour,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “He approached Paris Hilton and Snoop Lion’s table to say hi. Miley Cyrus was also there. He constantly looked around the room as if he were paranoid. On his way out, he and his group started chatting up a few girls.”
The onlooker claims Lamar, who’s reportedly been battling a drug addiction, “was chugging Dom Perignon” before leaving with his entourage and talking up three ladies in the lobby. ”They were chatting with one woman who was accompanied by two female friends. Lamar was very into the conversation,” the observer tells Life & Style. “He was eyeing the ladies. They were with the girls for about 30 minutes.” Adds the eyewitness, “Again, he seemed really paranoid and wouldn’t stop looking around to see who was watching him.”
Lamar and Khloé looked like a reunited couple at Kanye West’s concert in LA just three days ago, but it seems old habits may die hard for the NBA free agent. “Delusions make me dizzy,” Khloé posted on Twitter Thursday afternoon.
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Her tweet is saying she's not delusional and she is very cognizant of exactly what's going on. She's got a plan in motion, and it's gonna be good!!!

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