Monday, November 4, 2013

Lindsay Lohan in Trouble with Vegas Party Promoters

Las Vegas party promoters want their money back after paying Lindsay Lohan big bucks to host a party only for the troubled starlet to turn up hours late.
Lindsay Lohan was paid north of $50,000 to host a Halloween party at a casino last night, sources tell TMZ -- but she was so late ... the casino wants a chunk of its money back.
Sources familiar with the situation tell us, Lindsay was paid to show up to Foxwoods casino in Connecticut at 10pm, but she didn't arrive until 11:43pm.
When she finally did show up, we're told she blew off the red carpet -- where she was supposed to pose for photos and talk to fans -- and walked straight into the party.
We're told Foxwoods is now trying to renegotiate Lindsay's contract because the casino feels she screwed them over.
Lindsay didn't completely drop the ball. We're told she and co-host Floyd Mayweather Jr. judged the Halloween costume contest together and actually did a decent job. (FYI, Lindsay was dressed as Carrie and Floyd was dressed as Freddy Krueger.)
For what it's worth, we're told Floyd (who was paid about the same as Lindsay) was late too -- but he made up for it by spending time with fans, signing autographs and taking photos.
Lindsay, not so much.
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Anonymous said...

it's their own fault. they shoulda known better. lindsay has a public track record of being unreliable and not honoring commitments.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

And they are surprised because... these two asshats right here.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was LL Cool J in the pic. Oops!

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