Monday, November 11, 2013

Miley Cyrus Lights a Joint on Stage

Wild child Miley Cyrus continues her reign of terror by sparking a joint during her acceptance speech at the MTV European Music Awards.

US pop sensationalist Miley Cyrus took her publicity-seeking further still on Sunday by smoking a cannabis joint as she received her award for Best Video at the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam on Sunday.
The evening's biggest winner was hip-hop icon Eminem who took home two awards, but Cyrus, 20, kept the spotlight firmly on herself after kicking off the show by twerking with a latex-clad dwarf called Little Britney.
Thanking the director of her hit single "Wrecking Ball" for the award, Cyrus took to the stage in a tight white body suit and platform heels and said: "I don't have room for the award in my bag but I did find this ..."
She then took what appeared to be a half-smoked joint out of her Chanel bag and lit it up at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, where you can buy cannabis in the city's coffee shops and where Cyrus had been photographed earlier with Dutch DJ Afrojack.

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Anonymous said...

This is no "wild child". Please do not try to portray his nasty ass lost little girl as a free spirit. That coochie cutter onesie she got on screams I NEED SO MUCH ATTENTION her entire persona is fake and contrived and just tired. Miley is not naturally talented, if she were she would not need to pull stunts all the time. Miley is not intelligent, she is delusional and listens only to yes people, has no clue of how people really see her and is not grounded at all. Lastly, Miley is not hot or sexy she has no curves, no and she is hips, no ass, no damn shape what so ever she is pale and pasty and her skin looks cold. The girl is built like Lincoln Log, and her face is a 4½. AMERICA PLEASE STOP TRYING TO TURN THIS GIRL INTO SOMETHING IMPORTATNT BECAUSE YOU REALLY REACHING.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Lastly, Miley is not hot or sexy she has no curves, NO HIPS, no ass, no damn shape what so ever she is pale and pasty and her skin looks cold.

Anonymous said...

yes she's a very ill built young lady. no hate but there's nothing to see here folks.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

This pancake ass hoe looks more ridiculous by the nano second. Folks lying to her by the truckloads in the industry so they can use her up like a piece of tissue. Her pimp mom is riding this shit all the way to the bank and encouraging this tragedy to unfold. She got all kinds of small weird tats on her body, like she's being branded with occult symbols. She wanna be the next lady guy guy, with her stupid boney ass. Wait till the sex tape comes out with her screwin multiple black dicks. smh

Anonymous said...

.her ass is flat..she has no hips....ugh....she must not have any mirrors

Anonymous said...

Poor lil tink tink, cosign with the first poster. this is exactly what happens when your not grounded and surrounded by yes people smh. a see melt down coming because the public is not buying what this bullshit industry is trying to sell.

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