Thursday, November 7, 2013

Miley Cyrus Pens Open Letter to Liam Hemsworth

Insiders claim Myley Cyrus penned an open letter to her ex Liam Hemsworth hoping they make amends.

Aside from talking about it briefly on Ellen and again in passing in the December 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan, Miley Cyrus hasn’t really acknowledged her split from Liam Hemsworth too publicly. We know, we know, right now she’s focusing on the music and the success of Bangerz. But according to the Daily Mail, Miley wrote a letter to Liam trying to make amends after their broken engagement.
The Daily Mail reports that in the letter, Miley talks about how she still loves Liam and wants to meet up, either for closure and/or to try to see if the relationship can be fixed. She also admits in the note that she was pushing Liam away and feels sorry for being “angry.”
Apparently the letter was a form of therapy for Miley, who contemplated putting her feelings into song writing but decided to tell Liam directly how she feels via an open letter instead
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I really hate how this bitch is promoting the "sticking your tongue out" look; I see this ignorant shit on instagram and tumblr, along with the squinty-eyed, scrunched up, hot dog pack forehead wrinkles.

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