Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rita Ora Collapses in Miami

Rita Ora rushed to the hospital after collapsing on a photo shoot in Miami.
British pop star Rita Ora, who’s been spending the weekend in Miami Beach for a photo shoot, was just rushed to a local hospital, Gossip Extra has learned.
A spywitness told Gossip Extra that Ora, the singer of the hit-single R.I.P., was taken off the beach near her hotel on a stretcher and rushed into a waiting ambulance about 2:30 p.m. Word is the ambulance used lights and siren as Ora, 26, was taken to the ER at Mount Sinai Medical Center.
Ora’s photo session was about to start on the beach by the SoHo Beach House hotel when the incident occurred.
Jacked from Gossip Extra  


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Welp when you hang around a bunch of druggie/zombie "models" who come from rich families and have nothing better to do but attempt to become celebrities, this is the result of living that "glamorous life"nothing else to see here folks.

Anonymous said...


Malika said...

um, seriously, what the hell is she famous for, now?

Anonymous said...

watch your back rita. nobody cares and you have to make that money back. Rihanna is already back in the studio.

Anonymous said...

I think this girl is an industry pass around. They keep trying to give her a title, singer, model, still I have seen nor heard her anywhere but on the blogs. I think she is a go to industry freak that is on payroll and oncall for whatever, whenever and with whoever. I think she services married celebrity couples and the alike. She is just call girl, nothing to see here folks

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