Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Barron Hilton Refusing to Cooperate with Police

Barron Hilton has stopped cooperating with police in the investigation of his beating at a party in Miami.
Paris Hilton's brother Barron, 24, is no longer working with police after he was involved in a scuffle Friday night that left him bloodied.
On Tuesday RadarOnline claimed the party goer is afraid incriminating photos taken by a friend of Lindsay Lohan's will be released if he continues to seek arrests in the fight that he alleged was masterminded by the Mean Girls actress.
The snaps were taken just hours before he was reportedly beaten up by writer Ray LaMoine, 31, during a party that was held at the mansion Lindsay was staying at in Miami, Florida during the Art Basel Festival.
No suggestion was made of what Barron was doing in the photos.
'Barron has decided that he is no longer going to cooperate with investigators because he has been made aware that there incriminating photos, that if released, could tell a very different side of what took place at the home,' a source told the site.
A second source told Radar that Barron had been warned in the last 24 hours about the photos.
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Anonymous said...

so you do you're gay...who really gives a shit?!
you're just going to let someone beat your ass?!!!
all that money and will still take an ass whipping
too stupid!

Malika said...

No, in the pics, you can see strategically placed cuts on his face. A real brawl doesn't leave strategic cuts. Basically dude is lying and if cops get involved, he'll be called out.

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