Monday, December 30, 2013

Britney Spears Sporting Fake Abs in Vegas?

Britney Spears accused of faking a toned mid-section for her Las Vegas review.

Britney Spears is flaunting flat abs these days, but they may not be abs-olutely all natural.
The pop singer on Thursday was photographed rehearsing for her upcoming Las Vegas show, called “Pieces of Me,” at Planet Hollywood, which kicks off Friday. During the concert, Spears performs her song, “Toxic,” wearing a two piece sparkly nude costume similar to the one piece bodysuit she wore in the song’s 2004 music video.
But while the 32-year-old singer’s midsection looks toned in the midriff baring outfit, Spears’ abs seem to be enhanced with the help of cosmetics or body makeup.
The Daily Mail reports that Spears “might have opted for a spot of make-up trickery to give her abdominals that extra Vegas showgirl quality.”
Indeed, Spears abs show uniform lines sectioning off her abdomen into a “six–pack.” But the muscle definition seems too perfect to be real.
Spears gave a preview of her show, featuring songs over her 15 year career and from her upcoming album , “Britney Jean,” to an invite only audience Thursday night. Spears’ Friday night concert will kick off her two-year long residency at Planet Hollywood.
Spears will perform a series of shows through New Year’s before returning to the Las Vegas venue in late January.
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Anonymous said...

*shrugs* I don't think it's any surprise that her abs are as fake as her live vocals. It's obvious that this chick is a shell of her former self and is essentially being forced by her handlers to perform.

Anonymous said...

how much longer they gonna kep her in that slave contract??????

Anonymous said...

The only thing she had going back in the day was the fact that she could dance, now she can't even do that. Who is paying their money to see someone half ass "dance" (if you can call it that) and lip sync? Like seriously what's the point of that? You'd be better off staying home and watching her videos or listening to her CD because there is absolutely nothing "Live" about her show

Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

Her abs are fake, her tits are fake, her hair is fake and oh let's not forget the voice over singer. at this point she just an image being trotted out so the greedy ass handlers, can squeeze whatever coins are left out this living dead zombie.

Anonymous said...

damn, she look OLD!!!!!!!!!! i remmber when she was cute guess drugs & fast life got to her & prolly stress from havin to work so much

Anonymous said...

beyond sad. that's all i got

Anonymous said...

Come on folks are we really talking about Britney faking it???

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