Thursday, December 19, 2013

Charlie Sheen Slashing Denise Richards Child Support

Charlie Sheen wants to slash Denise Richards' child support because she won't let him spend Christmas morning with their daughters.
Charlie Sheen vows to hit Denise Richards where it really hurts -- in the child support department, because he says he's going to court to get a judge to slash the amount she gets.
Charlie is telling friends ... a judge has NEVER signed off on his current child support agreement with Denise -- it was all agreed to privately.
Denise currently gets $55,000 a month in support for their 2 kids. He's enraged that he's been so generous, and not just with child support. Charlie says he shelled out $9 million for the home he bought for her -- specifically so their 2 girls could be close to him.
So Charlie is telling his buddies ... Denise is epically ungrateful because he says she's denying him the right to have XMAS morning with the girls. He says she's actually taken away the girls' phones so they can't call him.
So Charlie's going to court. Not only does he want child support reduced, he wants the judge to establish his iron-clad right to see his kids on specific holidays.
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ThatBKChick said...

Denise better get her shit together. Those checks are only going to last but so long.....Money talks and bullshit talks.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

He needs to just die off already, all the drugs he's ingested while fathering these children are bound to warrant a lifetime of therapy, how is his dried up, crust smelly looking ass still alive after all the drugs he continues to do, damn kneel over already!!

Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

I don't think this is about child support, I think he want's Denise to participate in 3 ways with his ex porn star girlfriends and she said no, he's a typical hateful, vindictive bastard who's a doggie who can't even get his twins from that soon to be od ex wife of his, I hope the judge tells him to go fuck himself and orders him for drug testing, he should not be allowed around those children, he's a delusional loose cannon, its amazing what white men with money get away with. she needs a restraining order against him terrorizing her, he's not funny at this point.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the judge triples the child support.

Anonymous said...

Lets me get this straight, he pays $55,000.00 a month in child support.
He paid for a $9 million dollar house and people are upset because he wants to spend Xmas morning with his kids?
He was a drug addict and asshole when he met her and she still had kids with him but he's the asshole and not her for havings kids with him and then denying him a chance to spend the morn with the kids, not the whole day?

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