Friday, December 20, 2013

Charlie Sheen's Twins In Danger of Going to Foster Care

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's twin son are in danger of being placed in foster care.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller‘s twin sons Bob and Maxcould be spending Christmas with complete strangers. has learned that the four-year-old twins are in very serious danger of being placed in foster care, after Child Protective Services was presented with mystery evidence revealing major inconsistencies inMueller’s drug treatment program.
“There is a very real possibility that Bob and Max could be placed in foster case because evidence was also uncovered regarding their temporary guardian, Scott, that is riddled with glaring differences in version of events,” a source close to the situation tells Radar exclusively. “The department is taking this very seriously, and are considering recommending the boys be placed in foster care, pending the outcome of the investigation.”
“Charlie can’t get custody of the boys, even if he were to have round the clock nannies because of his past behavior,” the source explains. “Brooke’s parents won’t be considered. It’s such a sad situation, but the safety and well-being of the boys comes first. Such drastic action wouldn’t be taken unless it was necessary, and sadly, it is.”
The boys had been on track to be placed back in their mother’s care by Christmas.
Mueller’s brother, Scott, was recently granted temporary guardianship of the boys, after Denise Richards was forced to give them up because of their violent outbursts towards her daughters, Sam, Lola, Eloise, and the family pets.
Last summer, Brooke lost custody of the boys after being placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold stemming from a drug overdose.
Now, the Los Angeles County of Department of Children & Family Services is set to go before a judge in child dependency court on Thursday, requesting an administrative hearing to be scheduled based on the new information presented to the agency. Mueller is required to be in court on Thursday, and sources say Sheen isn’t expected to attend.
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nba is fixed said...

Put the baby in foster care NOW! Two crack heads can not properly raise a child. If Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller were black, they would be in prison!

Anonymous said...

True 'nba is fixed'. Very true..

It Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

Cosign nba, you have to be some kind of fucked up for no family members to step up and take those kids, he has brothers and his dad and no one has stepped forward to take those kids, no one wants to deal with this out of control, violent delusional crackhead. those kids are fucked up from dads crackie sperm and mom's polluted drug womb those kids didn't stand a chance. he's been on the blogs a lot lately who's checking for his crackhead ass, I hope this is not a prelude to some reality show. the fact that he's so fucked up he can't even get custody of his own kids even with nannies shows what an utter failure as a parent he is, yet he say's on social media talking about he's winning, he's a leader who accepts no excuse that muthafukka is on a special type of drug.

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