Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jay Z Stands Guard While Beyonce Uses the Ladies Room

Jay Z bars other restaurant patrons from using the bathroom while his wife was inside.
Beyoncé had Jay Z stand guard outside the door while she used a public toilet.
The 'Halo' singer's husband made sure she could use the rest room facilities at Hollywood vegan restaurant Crossroads in peace last week and stopped anyone from entering until his wife had finished.
It seems the 44-year-old rapper's chivalrous gesture didn't go down well with other diners who had to queue until Beyoncé was done.
An insider told Daily Star Newspaper: ''Halfway through their meal Jay got up and asked a waitress to check if anyone was currently in the bathroom.
''Once they had established the loos were empty, Beyoncé scurried inside while he stood guard over the door. ''When a couple of customers tried to go in, he politely asked them if they'd mind waiting until his wife was done. Some customers were a bit miffed, but Beyoncé was also embarrassed when she came out.''
The drastic actions may have seem irrational for some, but Beyoncé has to have privacy when she uses public toilets otherwise she gets constantly approached by fans at awkward moments.
The source added: ''She gets scared of getting accosted by someone who recognises her in public bathrooms. If she has a female friend with her, she always gets them to accompany her. But this time it was just her and her husband.''
Afterwards, Beyoncé and Jay Z reportedly signed autographs and posed for photos for fans who waited patiently.
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Anonymous said...

I thought that was what they paid BODY GUARDS for.... and besides, if I have to use the sandbox very badly, I 'm not going to care WHO is in the restroom. I'm going to be trying to handle my personal business instead of tryna get a photo or an autograph, but I know that is just me...!

Anonymous said...

i understand what they were doing, but come on folks it's called a public restroom. I guess that's the chance Beyonce has to take using that restroom. and like I understand what they were doing, but if I was there and had to use the restroom I'm not having camel face J standing there asking nicely or not to wait for his wife to finish. I'm making a fuss that I'm not being let into a public restroom to relieve myself. it dosen't say "public restroom unless Beyonce comes in and has to use it".

Anonymous said...

ITA. It is indeed a PUBLIC RESTROOM. If I am a paying customer just like Bey and Jay I expect to be able to use the facilities in that establishment. Hell, of Jay-Z and Beyonce are so "put out" by others using the public bathroom while they are using it, why can't they hold it until they get home to their own private toilet. If you got the problem/issue then you suffer for it Bey (hold that shit in til you get home), why I gotta to the pee dance?

Anonymous said...

I am not one to use public restroom, but when I have to, I wish I mofo would tell me to wait because his wife inside. Mofo, I don't give a fuck about u or ur damn wife and they wonder why some many people dislike like their asses because shit like this and hospital gate. People is not thinking about ur asses like that.

Nikasha said...

If someone is rude enough to bother her while she's taking a piss, then she needs to curse their ass out. Not cool blocking the door, but I get it.

Anonymous said...

This happen to me when a celebrity used the public restroom. I waited because I've seen people do some dumb sh*t around celebrities. Oprah said when she was in the bathroom stall someone handed her a paper and pen from under the stall for an autograph.

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