Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kanye West Commissions Andy Warhol's Cousin to Paint Kim Kardashian

Kanye West gets Andy Warhol's cousin Monica to paint a picture of his fiance Kim Kardashian.
Kanye West may not be able to get Andy Warhol to paint a picture of who he considers "the most beautiful woman of all time," but the rapper's about to get the next best thing. The "Black Skinhead" emcee has hired by the late Warhol's cousin, Monica Warhol, to paint a portrait of his fiancée Kim Kardashian.
Warhol spoke with Page Six about her new commission, and says she thinks her famed cousin would have loved Kardashian. "She's famous for nothing," Warhol said. "Kim is beautiful. She's so manufactured. She looks like a human Barbie."
The Arizona-based artist also revealed she never met Andy, who died in 1987 when she was 10. She claims to have never studied her iconic relative's past work, saying she never even owned a book of his artwork until about a year ago.
But her prints are reminiscent of her cousin's signature pop art style. The younger Warhol has already drawn portraits of rapper Flo Rida and Lenny Kravitz.
And it seems that's enough for the self-proclaimed production-obsessed rapper. After an elaborate October proposal at San Francisco's AT&T Park, West has been over the moon when talking about his future wife and mother of his daughter North.
"Our love story's a love story for the ages," he raved of his romance with his future bride in a recent interview. "I felt like when we first got together, it was like a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing."
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