Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kardashian Christmas Card is Fake

The Kardashians stage an elaborate Christmas Card photo shoot every year but none of their friends has ever received one.
The Kardashian’s made sure everyone got to see the 2013 new holiday card by getting the press department at E! to send it out to the media, however, if you are a friend of the family, don’t hold your breath – Kris is saving on postage this year.
“I have been friends with the family for years and I have never seen the card in my mail box,” laughed one close pal to THE GOSSIP TABLE. “It is not just me, several friends have joked that they only ever get to see the card online in the media. It feels like a total fake, something the family does to get publicity.” Kardashian’s doing stuff to get attention?? – say it isn’t so!
“They have people to run the TV show, clothing lines, press requests and all the personal appearances, however, they do not have people to send out the card,” reveals another pal. “Could it be that I’m just not on the list? Sure, but all of the family friends I know say they haven’t got one for the past few years.”
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Anonymous said...

First!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim most likely blows up her pic on the card cuts her family out and hangs pictures of herself all around the house this card is only done for attention just like everything else these whores do

Anonymous said...

This card is weird has nothing to do with christmas has a ton of occult symbols and is done only for one thing ATTENTION BTW I see Lamar, Kanye, Scott and North didnt make the cut.

Anonymous said...

Next week you'll see some devil worshiping card with hidden symbols and Kanye as God, Kim as a wannabee virgin Mary and North as Jesus LOL

JJSantoro said...

I don't think the card was ever for friends or anyone just for them. They have done it every year just for them.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

Satanic!!! Damn shame what they did to Bruce. Stuck in a tube like a zombie staring at his old olympic medals. These bitches are witches!

zeeedeee said...

@wtf..ikr considering that he took that hoe and all her kids and paid for them all to be raised when their own daddy said he wouldn't give Kris a dime!...damm shame is what that is

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