Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kim Doesn't Want Kanye to Stop Bragging About Her

Kim Kardashian loves how Kanye West brags about her in all his interviews.
According to sources, “Even though Kanye has received a lot of heat about calling Kim the world’s most beautiful woman and saying that they are like Romeo and Juliet, she could care less and doesn’t realize how this could be bad for both of their images. She is clueless”
The source reveals, ‘Kanye has been doing interviews totally bragging about Kim, calling her the most beautiful woman who’s ever lived. This is the first time since getting together that he’s doing press and is loving that he can show off and talk about Kim and how amazing their life is. Kim is loving it and loves attention and being on tour with Kanye, she’s the center of attention.’
Jacked from Naughty but Nice Rob 


Anonymous said...

He was in there wiling Kim's fat ass,we nagas just took two steps.back!

Anonymous said...

Of course that empty headed ho is clueless! What else is she good for?


zeeedeee said...

I didn't expect any different

Anonymous said...

I waiting for the Kanye to release an album where he calls her an evil whore. I bet it will better then Eminem album where he bashed his babymama and Usher's album Raymond vs Raymond combined. Kanye will get sick of her and her fellow succubus, sooner or later afterall he is a Gemini and I know as a Gemini, we like to be entertained, but once you cease to amuse us, you will be cut in the worst way.

Nikasha said...

He has to convince himself since he can't have who he really wants

dreadee said...

At least he has a reason to be a lost soul, he lost the only woman who ever knew him and loved him. This broad is just a twisted piece of meat who has no integrity or decency. All she proved was that money can't buy everything.

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