Monday, December 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian Cover Heavily Air Brushed

Kim Kardashian Us Magazine Body issue slammed by insiders as fake.
“My Body Is Back!” Us Weekly screamed alongside its current cover picture of Kim Kardashian looking comely in a white bikini. But if the magazine was being truthful with its readers, the cover line should have been, “My Airbrushed Body Is Back!”
According to sources, Kim posed for the shots which were taken in secret by a friendly agency photographer. She then had the agency airbrush the pictures to make her look slimmer, smoother and more toned, and then the new mom personally approved each image before they went up for bidding among the weekly magazines.
Bidding opened at an eye-popping $90,000, and the pictures sold to Us Weekly for around $100,000, we’re told.
Sources said Kim gets half, $50,000, which is as good a reason as any to strip.
In a release to go with the pictures, the mag breathlessly cooed, “Six months after giving birth to daughter North West, the 33-year-old reality star is proudly showing off her post-baby body in a skimpy bikini . . . Strutting confidently along the beach on Nov. 30, the blonde stunner flaunted her slimmed-down figure and famous curves in a revealing white triangle top and matching side-tie bottoms. It’s a big milestone for the star, who endured fat-shaming and cyber-bullying for the weight she gained while pregnant with little Nori earlier this year.”
We saw Kim in person at DuJour’s party at Art Basel Miami last week, and — fair play — she looked pretty damn amazing. But not quite “Airbrush Amazing.”
To further stir the subterfuge, once the magazine had published her cover, Kim innocently claimed to “Extra” that she had not yet seen the bikini pictures and said they’d been taken when “she and some friends were on the beach and ran back inside when they saw the paparazzi.”
But there were not any friends in the pictures, nor was there any running or paparazzi. Not surprisingly, reps for Kim and Us Weekly didn’t comment last night.
Jacked from Page Six  


WTF??!!!!!! said...

When is she not heavily photoshopped and digitized to death? She built an empire on fake beauty and a fake ass. She's starting to look worn and lost her appeal imo. She needs to stop cutting up her face.

Anonymous said...

11:14 ITA. She may think that she got curves like a black woman but there is one thing that she cannot have, and will never have. Melanin. Melanin is the one thing that stops black women from hitting the wall at 30 years old. It's why "black don't crack" It's why we don't even start to wrinkle until our 70's and 80's and sometimes not even then. You wonder why white women and some white men look years older than they really are, and why it's difficult to pinpoint a black person's age? Melanin is like the fountain of youth. Kim K and her klan need to have plastic surgery on a regular basis to maintain a youthful look. Kimmy is looking old, haggered and used. She is rapidly aging which is typical of non melanin skin

Anonymous said...

This broad is built like a minivan. She looks like a middleaged divorcee with 3 kids. Her shape has definitely changed since giving birth and not that it was all that great to start with, it is straight middle aged soccer mom at this point hence all of the long coats and dresses and only showing fake boob. Where's the tight crap she used to wear?

Anonymous said...

No shit

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