Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kim Kardashian Warning Kendal Jenner to Stay Away From Harry Styles

Kim Kardashian is warning little sister Kendal Jenner to stay away from pop star Harry Styles before she gets her heart broken.
Kim Kardashian warns little sis Kendall Jenner: Stay away from Harry Styles! 
The 1D singer’s dating history is haunting Kim Kardashian
It's a big sister's duty to be overprotective. So perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that Kim Kardashian has strong opinions about half-sister Kendall Jenner's new romance with Harry Styles.
Kim, 33, is said to have flipped when she first heard about 18-year-old Kendall's dates with the One Direction singer, 19.
Our source says: ‘Harry and Kendall have been circling each other since being introduced a few months ago and are finally taking that next step.
'But Kim knows all about being played and fears Kendall will get hurt by the king of heartbreakers.' It's fair to say Hazza's earned his womanising rep, having been linked to a string of celebs including Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack, 34, supermodel Cara Delevingne, 21, and singer Taylor Swift, 23. 
Kim's so worried that she's asked her fiancĂ© Kanye West to drill home how risky dating a pop star can be. ‘Apparently Kanye's been telling Kendall that rock stars can be dogs,' says our source. When we contacted Kim's reps they denied she'd been meddling in Kendall's love life.
But it isn't just Kim who's apparently giving Kendall aggro!
Harry's ex Taylor Swift has also offered words of warning.
Our source says: ‘Taylor told Kendall how hard Harry pursued her - then broke up with her to chase other girls.'
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Anonymous said...

i gotta hand it to PMK. even though her family's fame is rapidly fading, she still finds a way to keep at least 1 or 2 in her stable of whores in the press by constantly planting false stories in the media. she won't allow her klan to go down without a fight.

Anonymous said...

run Kendal run!

Anonymous said...

Who's going to warn him about hooking up with her and her family? I haven't heard anything negative about him or his family.

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