Monday, December 30, 2013

Kourtney Kardashian Facing Serious Money Problems

Kourtney Kardashian is facing serious money problems compounded by Scott Disick's out of control spending.
Kourtney, 31, has had money trouble for years, her pal says, but it has recently become a crisis. As Star reported last week, she and Scott, 27, listed their condo [at $795,000] for $34,000 less than she paid for it in 2006 and moved into a house owned by Kourtney’s mother, Kris, and stepfather, Bruce Jenner, on June 25.
But just six days later, Kourtney and Scott went apartment hunting in two tony NYC neighborhoods - more proof that Kourtney’s clueless about cash flow. “She’s always been the one begging Mom to pay off her credit cards,” an insider says. “She considers shopping a job, a sport, and a workout in one. She says, ‘You can burn 200 calories an hour shopping!’”…
“Her American Express card has a balance so high it’s hard to believe. She’s months behind in payments on that one, plus on three Visa cards, and four MasterCards.”
Kourtney’s financial crunch has only worsened because of bad boy Scott. “He insists, ‘You have to look like you have money to make money,’” the friend says. “He makes her buy him Prada shoes and Rolex watches and even lease cars like the $455,000 Lamborghini he drives…
“The out-of-control spending has really put her in the hole. She’s being advised to consider filing for bankruptcy.”
Jacked from Star Magazine  


Anonymous said...

I see PMK feeding negative stories about Scott to the tabs as a set-up for the headline about them splitting for good. While I can believe Scott spending out of control and being a drunkard and drug addict, I also feel Kris Jenner is pulling the same number on Scott that she did on Lamar, and soon, Koonye and Matt.

Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

Scott does not have a real job, so him spending money like a drunken sailor is solely on her dumb ass. he should be spending his share of his reality show money not hers, so if she's an enabler to her alcoholic, drug addict baby's daddy that's on her, she should also know their 15 minutes is up so either of them spending recklessly at this point will only hasten the inevitable financial ruin. mommy's smoke and mirror "empire" is finished also, so she will have to go back to being an hollyweird madam and putting them back on the ho stroll.

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