Friday, December 27, 2013

Selena Gomez Angry at Taylor Swift Over Lorde

Selena Gomez is furious with bff Taylor Swift for getting close to her arch rival Lorde.

Hot new pop sensation Lorde has been rubbing her sultry shoulders with America's sweetheart,Taylor Swift. It’s rumoured that Taylor Swift is looking to collaborate with Lorde, as she’s set to be huge.
Our source said: “Taylor is buttering up Lorde, because she wants a musical collaboration and knows that Lorde is the hottest new thing in pop music.”
But Taylor’s old friends, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, are furious that Taylor has snubbed them for Lorde. The source added: “Selena can’t stand Lorde and has publically trashed Lorde for not being feminist and supporting other female artists."
However rumours are the Trouble singer is trying to become edgier: “Taylor is blowing off the diss. She wants and edgier image, and Lorde is helping her craft that.”
Sounds like their could be trouble, trouble, trouble ahead, eh?
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Anonymous said...

"as she's set to be huge"....

So does this means Lorde took the oath and will be stripping on stage with the rest of these ho's shortly?

Anonymous said...

"Hot new pop sensation Lorde has been rubbing her [pussy]with America's sweetheart,Taylor Swift..."

There. Fixed it. Selena's mad about not getting that tongue action from Taylor no more now that Taylor's found a new pussy partner.

@7:11 - Yep. As soon as she becomes legal(she's 17 now), Lorde will do a complete 180 and allow the elites in the industry to groom and mold her into a barely legal sex kitten, all under the guise of her "growing up" and "becoming an adult" and "more comfortable" with her sexuality, yadda yadda yadda.

And Taylor will probably become more sexual in her image, too, now that she's getting older, and her M.O. of fake-dating-then-dumping guys for song material will get stale and the public will tire of that.

When female singers amp the sex factor it's either because they're relatively new and are eager to show the elites how far they're willing to go to become famous, or their careers are on their last legs, or nearing that point, and they're trying to grab as much publicity as they can before they're permanently replaced by the next crop of initiates.

Anonymous said...

17? 17?!?!?!?
(In my Will Smith voice)
Nigga ya look 30.

Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

That old face hag in the middle is not 17 I wish they would stop with the dog years, as for these three hoes, three talentless lesbians who happen to be wiccans Next!!!

nba is fixed said...

All three of these chicks look like they took the oath to become satan's sluts. Taylor Swift looks like a rat, the chick in the middle looks like a scary gothic demon, and Selena looks like she is possessed! Why do so many young girls like these demon hoes?

Anonymous said...

These three are all witches. Her name is lorde and she's fascinated by the royal family. Of course she took the oath. Taylor and Lorde are just two sides of the same coin.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

That wicked witch of the west looking thang in the middle, is so damn weird. Have u see her chin-less chinese boyfriend? the 2 of them together is hella disturbing.

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