Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sinitta Files First Class While Her Children Fly Coach

Simon Cowell's ex, 80s pop star Sinitta, banishes her two small children to coach while she flies first class on a Christmas trip to Barbados.
Simon Cowell's leaf wearing ex lived it up in first class without her kids as they flew to Barbados for Christmas
Bless Sinitta – desperately clinging to the coat-tails of fame. In the 80s singer’s world, if you dress like a star, think like a star and act like a star, YOU ARE A STAR. And, by star, I mean diva, right?
Excitedly boarding her flight to Barbados, Sinitta turned left to the first-class cabin and merrily waved goodbye to England… and her two children. Who were made to turn right. And sit in economy.
Accompanying the youngsters in cattle class was her PA and rumoured love interest, Jason Gale. Stunned passengers on the Virgin flight from London took to Twitter to post pictures of the two “abandoned” youngsters, Magdalena, eight, and seven-year-old Zac.
However, when I asked Sinitta’s representative why she had not sat in the back with her adopted children, I was told the poor thing had a cold.

Jacked from The Mirror


Anonymous said...

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Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

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Anonymous said...

White people do this all the time. Trust me!

Anonymous said...

@2:55 please believe they do. This is NOTHING NEW! Especially amoungst thee elitist.

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