Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beyonce Splashes Out on Evian Bath for Blue Ivy

Beyonce splashes out big bucks for a mother-daughter Evian bath in Miami.
When it comes to Beyonce's adorable daughter Blue, it seems no expense is spared and no amount is ever too great. According to Now magazine, the Drunk In Love singer whose fifth solo album is currently at #2 on the charts, splashed out on a £3,000 mother and daughter Evian bath on New Year's Eve.
The Miami hotel in which they stayed reportedly charged another £3,000 per night for the pleasure of their company.
The spa procedure, said to be favoured by such health-seeking stars as Britney Spears and Serena Williams, involves some 1,000 litres of twice-purified Evian water filling the guest's colossal-sized tub.
Special Gerbera daisies are scattered in the tub while scented candles are then lit for a totally immersive sensory experience.
A source told the magazine that for Beyonce's NYE bath-time with baby she 'also had a platter of smoked salmon lollipops and a dessert plate called the Seven Sins of Chocolate'.
The aim of the ultra-expensive soaking is apparently to revitalise the skin and purify the sense, not to mention empty the wallet significantly.
The magazine claims that whenever Queen B is in Miami she opts to have the special treatment at the hotel and for a New Year's Eve treat decided it was time toddler Blue, just turned two, revitalise her skin and purify her senses too.
Luckily mama Knowles-Carter was footing the bill, so it didn't have to come out of Blue's allowance, or college fund.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Who is that white man?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a load of bullshit to me... ...seriously £3,000 for that? FOH

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

I swear rich people do some of the dumbest shit with their money, and its usually the nouveau riche, that feels the need to do foolery like this. this is the same shit as Madonna and that kabala water fuckery. but hey if she like it I love it. any story to keep your name in the news I guess.

Anonymous said...

who cares about this retard and her baby, It is a that she is ashamed of her child looks. If she thought her baby was pretty , she would not send out a toe, dark pictures, cut off pictures. She would be proud. The baby look like jay .... so what still your kids

WTF??!!!!!! said...

This zebra lookin bitch needs to be flushed down the toilet w/the tidy bowl man. She's embarrassed of her kid and rarely shows her face. I feel sorry for this child, b/c when she's old enough to go under the knife....beyfraud will have her face reconstructed. Then she'll pay the media to say her little girl turned into a swan over night or some shit. FUCK HER! And you're 40 bitch so stop lying. Nothing wrong with being 40 whatsoever....but tired of her lying about it. Just a habitual lyin thief. She's had more surgery also, that's why she's thinner now and her face looks different. Trying to hide her ageing ass.

Anonymous said...

this is dumbest shit I've heard ever.

Anonymous said...

So tired of Kim Beyonce Kris Kardashian Kanye Jay Z Ciara Bieber Lady Gaga Nick Mariah Rick Ross and many more to come

Anonymous said...

This is not what being a private person looks like.

Anonymous said...

Her teeth to gum ratio looks very interesting in the above photo.

signwithclass said...

Niggas and money.

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