Friday, January 10, 2014

Cover Art for Shakira Single Featuring Rihanna

Smoldering cover art for Shakira's new single, "Can't Remember to Forget You" ft. Rihanna.
Looking fabulous, Rihanna and Shakira.
The "Diamonds" singer revealed the smoldering cover art photograph for the duo's upcoming single "Can't Remember to Forget You" on Thursday, Jan. 9.
"Official single art for "CAN'T REMEMBER TO FORGET YOU" with @Shakira #4daycountdown," Rihanna captioned the Instagram pic.
The 25-year-old Barbadian and the 36-year-old Colombian look radiant and sultry in the stunning snapshot, as they caress each other while striking a pose in a dark room. Both ladies are clad in black, with Shakira opting for Suboo's Rise and Fall Triangle bikini and Rihanna is wearing a strapless sweetheart bodysuit.
Shakira completes her look with a chunky gold bangle and peach lips, while Rihanna is wearing plenty of colorful bangles and rings, a thick choker and bright red lipstick.
Rihanna confirmed on Monday, Jan. 6, that she had teamed up with Shakira for a new single in an Instagram photo.
"One. Week. Countdown.," Rihanna accompanied a photo featuring two personalized director chairs.
The single will be released on Jan. 13, was first brought up by Pitbull.
"Working with her was utopia," Shakira says in the latest issue of Glamour, out Jan. 14—the day after their single drops. "She's the sexiest woman on the planet. And at the end of the day, we're both just basically Caribbean girls. The chemistry was so good and so real. She taught me dance moves. She was a sweet teacher."
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Anonymous said...

Dance moves? What dance moves? All Rih does is stand in one spot and patch her crotch, or attempt to wine pathetically.

Anonymous said...

Since when did Columbia move to the Caribbean? Every map I've ever seen has Columbia in South America.

I call bs on this story!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm here for it. Can't wait to hear the song. I've noticed only bitter black people drag Rihanna in that pathetic and obsessive way about any and everything. I bet the poster who said she can't dance is some fat lump who couldn't physically wine if she tried.

Anonymous said...

@4.47PM Barranquilla (Spanish pronunciation: [baraŋˈkiʝa]) is a city and municipality located in northern Colombia, near the Caribbean Sea. The city is located in the Atlántico Department, of which it is the capital. Barranquilla is the largest city and port in the northern Caribbean Coast region of Colombia

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