Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crazed Rihanna Fan Scales Wall in Brazil

An obsessed Rihanna fan scaled the wall of the mansion where the pop star is staying in Brazil and fell down right in front of the singer.
NO wonder SHAKIRA is smiling.
Her duet with RIHANNA, Can’t Remember To Forget You, has hit No 1 on the iTunes chart in 39 countries after Monday’s release.
Expect it to make a decent dent on the official UK chart on Sunday too.
While Shakira has been spending time in this swimsuit, her new mate has been posing for Vogue magazine in Brazil – where fans have been falling for her.
One plucky girl scaled the outside wall of the mansion where the singer is staying. She was spotted by security, panicked and fell forwards – landing right next to her idol as she relaxed by the pool.
A source said: “The girl climbed the wall and shouted to fans outside that she could see Rihanna. Rihanna looked at her and smiled.
“Then a guard pointed a gun at the fan and she got nervous and fell. Security surrounded her – but Rihanna told them to stay cool and she gave an autograph to the girl.”
That’s unlikely to appear on eBay anytime soon.
Jacked from The Sun  


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Well at least security was near by, I can never understand what goes through people mind to think they have a personal connection with a celebrity. even if I saw a celebrity who's work I liked I couldn't see myself running up like a crazed fan on them. now Michelle Obama whom I have a girl crush on and love, I was to see her in person, I might cry and yell Michelle I love you. but that's about it. no one else could elicit that kind of emotion except Michelle Obama no even Obama himself, who in my view are black royalty and of A list celebrity status.

Anonymous said...

Crazed fans are no joke. Riri house in LA got broken into so many times when she was abroad,it prompted her to move to NYC.

Shakira song with Rihanna is a big deal because Shakira English language releases have not done well for some years, until now. So proves getting Riri on a song = Major impact.

Can't wait for the video.

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