Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Justin Bieber's New Girlfriend Has a Rap Sheet

Justin Bieber's new girlfriend, Chantel Jefferies, has a rap sheet a mile long.
The mystery blonde pictured partying with Justin Bieber has been in trouble with the law herself.
It might now be Chantel Jeffries job to pout but before the 21-year-old started hanging out with the big timers she was more used to posing up for the police.
Public records show Jeffries, who hails from Jacksonville, North Carolina, has had five brushes with the law.
The "underground model" was caught doing 92mph in a 70mph zone - but later cops agreed to drop the charges if she paid a fine.
Jeffries was also charged with a "misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon on February 2, 2011" but the case was dismissed on March 8, 2011, when the alleged victim refused to press charges, a clerk at Onslow County Court told MailOnline.
It is thought Justin's new pal stabbed another woman in the left forearm "during a physical altercation."
Because the alleged victim "did not want to proceed with the matter" the charge was dropped after the model paid court costs.
Jacked from The Mirror  


Anonymous said...

Good. They're perfect for each other. No one's sad over here.

Anonymous said...

dang that don't eeeen look like the same girl? MAC is false advertising

Anonymous said...

Makeup is the devil. She went from a boogerwolf to beautiful.

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