Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kanye West Attacks Teen for Hurling Racial Slurs at Kim Kardashian

Kanye West attacks teenager for calling Kim Kardashian a ni**er-lover.
Kanye West attacked an 18-year-old male after he hurled racist abuse at fiancée Kim Kardashian.
The mum-of-one was walking into a building in Beverley Hills around midday on Monday when the altercation happened. According to TMZ, Kim was being swarmed by paparazzi and the unidentified 18-year-old allegedly started shouting racist slurs at paps while holding the door open for her in an attempt to help.
When the Keeping up with the Kardashians star then told him he shouldn't use that language, the male allegedly turned on Kim directing the abuse at her, screaming: "F**k you b**ch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover. Stupid s**t." As he then walked into a back specialist's office, Kim called hubby-to-be Kanye who was close by.
Moments later, the 36-year-old Bound 2 hitmaker - who was charged over allegedly attacking a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport in September last year - turned up and met Kim before entering the chiropractor's reception area where the 18-year-old was sitting.
According to TMZ, witnesses claim Kanye then 'punched the guy' while Kim shouted: "We've got it all on tape!" The men were then separated and cops were called.
The 18-year-old decided to press charges and Kanye 'is now officially a suspect in a battery case' and police want to interview him, says the website.
While a Beverley Hills Police office told the New York Daily News: "Kanye was named as a suspect by the victim as well as witnesses. He had left prior to our arrival and detectives are currently investigating."
3am has contacted reps for Kanye and Kim for comment.
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Anonymous said...

Well its true to a point! She is actually a black dick lover. All that dumb ho had to do was smile, say thank and shut the f*ck up with the comments. Now dumb ass Kanye is going to have to pay up for this ho!! Yeah this succubus is on the pathway to destroy this dumb piece of shit!!!

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

I don't see why this stunt queen is upset, wasen't he having the confederate flags at his show, and draping himself with it? which btw has nothing to do with what we were told the confederate flag represents so it was an epic fail on his part. didn't he refer to himself as the new slave? niggas in Paris? besides the fact that this incident reeks of being staged, these tragic fools have not been on the blogs generating any interest of late, so why not stage this foolery. I want to know how much the young "racist" in question is getting paid from pimp mama kris. the energy behind this is very staged you can almost feel the bullshit emanating from this fuckery.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kum Dumpster definitely snagged herself a "new slave" for her and PMK to use up and publicly humilate a la Lamar Odom once they finish bleeding him dry.

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