Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kim and Kanye Feuding Over Renovations

Kim Kardashain and Kanye West at war over extensive renovations on their new house.
In the new issue of Life & Style — on newsstands now — sources revealKanye West’s elaborate list of renovations to his already gorgeous Bel Air pad is costing millions – and will have his family holed up at Kris Jenner’s Calabasas, Calif., home until at least July or August!
"To date, Kim and Kanye have spent $4 million on the house and the renovations will cost in excess of $6 million when it's all said and done," a source close to Kim Kardashian tells the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now. “They won’t be in there until July or August.”
On his massive list of home improvements so far?
A new gym, movie theater, bowling alley, “top quality” recording studio, over-the-top dressing room and basketball court.
North's dad has also ordered millions of dollars of custom furniture from Italy, nearly $1 million worth of Electrolux kitchen appliances, a Swarovski-encrusted fridge-freezer and beds made from cashmere, virgin lamb’s wool and Mongolian horse hair.
“Kanye is obsessed with every single aspect of this house,” shares another insider. “He says it’s like a work of art and that there’s no detail too small for him to be involved in.”
Another source close to Kim, 33, says she wasn’t expecting such a big project, since the mansion was move-in ready when the couple bought it.
“It’s frustrating for Kim,” especially because the 36-year-old rapper isn’t particularly open to her ideas. “He’s impossible to please and thinks nothing of changing direction midway and starting over.”
Let's just hope the wedding planning isn't nearly as difficult — wishful thinking.
Jacked from Life & Style


Anonymous said...

He's Gay!!! Kimmie you put 2milli into the house and you let this queen knock you out the loop.

Anonymous said...

Gossipjacker. you need post a story about Bruce Jenner I saw on the Daily Mail site about him leaving a doc's office with bobbed hair like a woman's and looking like he has breasts!

dreadee said...

"Mongolian horse hair"


Anonymous said...

They SO deserve each other!

zeedee said...

@anon 11:50 I saw that..those pink shades and those nails didn't help either...and those man boobs?..forget about it..i call TRANSITION!....anyway ot..beds made from cashmere?..sounds simply wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Mongolian horse hair? how the fuck could she still think this nigga is straight. this tragic fag hag and her runaway kneegrow and his foolery.

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