Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian Confirms Summer Wedding in Paris

Kim Kardashian reveals she and Kanye West will wed this summer in Paris.

Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel, Kim Kardashian casually revealed that she will become Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West this summer at a surely very casual ceremony in Paris. "I'm not telling you where or the date," she said. "But I think it's kind of obvious it's in Paris."
Kardashian — who hails from the rolling hills of Calabasas — calls the city her "second home." And it's true: It's been the generous third bedfellow in their relationship, a perfect menage à trois: Kim, Kanye, and Paris. It's where Kanye penned his epic love song to a naked, motorcycle-humping Kim, "Bound 2." It's where they've shut down many a Balmain, and where they shared their whirlwind, postpartum Tour de Balling.
But if not the gilded cage of Versailles, then where? Considering most of Paris shuts down in the summer, the entire city will inevitably exist for the sole purpose of this wedding; boutiques will sell nothing but exclusive Kim and Kanye Do Paris 2014 merch (Riccardo Tisci Kapsule Kollection), air-traffic control will alter flight patterns for the epic fighter-jet flyover we've been promised, and tour guides will offer the Official Kim and Kanye Paris Love Tour to tourists in the sweltering heat. Let the kountdown begin.
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Back in the day, I thought Kim was pretty. Rough around the edges, but still pretty. Now, she looks weird. Her face doesn't even look human, it looks more like a weird, bird-like creature...thing.

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Flight diversions - really? I'm not buying it. It's NOT that serious; they aren't that upscale. At this point they really should be begging people to see what they are doing, cause the masses are tired of their foolish antics.

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