Friday, January 10, 2014

Kim Kardashian Denies Photoshoping Butt Pics

Kim Kardashian denies photoshopping butt pics to enhance her curves.
It's hard to believe that with everything that goes on in the world people have the time to ponder if Kim Kardashian digitally altered her sexy selfies, and yet they do.
RadarOnline consulted a "Photoshop expert" who claimed that the 33-year-old reality star doctored the photos she posted of herself and pal Blac Chnya to Instagram on Jan. 4. The so-called expert believes the photos have been manipulated to make Kardashian's waist look smaller. The tell tale sign? A curved door frame, which proves the snapshot is less than authentic.
Does the door look warped? Yes. Does Kardashian's rep deny the photo was digitally altered? Yes.
Kim's rep told E! News, she "did not" Photoshop the image.
On to the next Kardashian scandal du jour. The reality star's publicist also told the Daily Mail that Kardashian is currently not wearing hair extensions following a report that she is relying on weaves because she's suffering hair loss after giving birth.
Jacked from Huffington Post


dreadee said...

Wow, I feel sorry for her rep. What grown ass person wants to answer questions about someone doing selfies and body pics? Kim needs to have several seats.

Unknown said...

"it's hard to believe" that Kim continues to insult peoples intelligence with her denials! Her dependency on "procedures" and photoshopping is obvious as are the Kardashian "untruths". How dumb does she think we are? Or how smart does she think she is? Either way....she's way wrong!!!

Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

Fake asses on fake hoes, nothing to see here folks.

Anonymous said...

yes SHE didnt alter the pic. she made someone alter them for her... simple.

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