Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mario Lopez Pulls Diva Fit at Customs in Mexico

Actor Mario Lopez pulls the celebrity card to cut the line at customs in Mexico and got into a fight with another traveler.

So-called nice guy Mario Lopez had a diva fit at Puerto Vallarta’s airport recently after a stormy flight from LAX.
The veteran TV star was seen cutting line in front of a group of people, yelling, “I’m a celebrity!” sources exclusively tell Confidenti@l.
The dimpled “Extra” host flew to the Mexico resort for a family vacation earlier this month, along with wife Courtney Lopez and kids Dominic and Gia. After arrival, he got stuck in an hours-long line in customs and almost came to blows with another passenger because of airport backups.
“He came from L.A., and there was a delayed plane from New York coming in at the same time, so customs was backed up,” says our source. “Mario had been traveling first class and they created a separate first class line, with about 30 people in the line.”
We hear Lopez made himself known to the customs staff, and they ushered him and his family to the front of the line, ahead of everyone else — including families with young children and a group of elderly people. “Everyone was saying, who is this person? What is going on here?” says our source. “The bunch from New York started getting rowdy.”
Lopez turned to the group, saying “I’m a celebrity,” and angering one particularly frustrated man in the process. “It was a guy traveling with three kids. He told Mario, ‘We’ve all been waiting, I have young kids as well, it’s the principle of it,’ ” says our source on Lopez’s line-cutting.
We’re told the usually genial Lopez got into a slight shoving match with the man, who said he was refusing to fight in front of his family.
“They gave little chest bumps a few times,” says our source. “Then customs was helping Mario.” Once Lopez showed his passport and crossed onto Mexican soil, he turned to the man and yelled, “You’re in my country now bitch!”
“He said something along the lines of, watch yourself in my country,” says our tipster. “Meanwhile, there’s elderly people watching. It was a long trip for the New York people. They also lost their luggage.”
Lopez, a boxing enthusiast of Mexican descent, then spent a week at the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa, celebrating his first wedding anniversary with Courtney.
A rep for Lopez said, “Mario would not, and has never behaved, in such a manner. He was traveling with his mother, wife, daughter and newborn. This accusation is ridiculous.”
Jacked from NY Daily News


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"everyone was saying who is this person?" what really made him mad...he gotta lot of nerve talkin about his "country" while he's making money in ours..weasel

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