Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nicole Richie Suffering From Anorexia?

Friends fear Nicole Richie is suffering from an eating disorder.
Nicole Richie is back to skinny.
The reality star turned designer has dropped down to 88 pounds, according to Star magazine, which was her weight in 2006 when she memorably showed off a bony frame as she jogged on a beach in a bikini.
And there's proof in pictures: On Tuesday the 32-year-old showed off a gaunt face with a heavily defined jaw bone as she attended Antonio Berardi's dinner in Beverly Hills.
Star claimed the daughter of Lionel Richie is 'anorexic again.'
She has reportedly been living on a diet of sunflower seeds, celery and juices.
The LA native also allegedly uses chewing gum to stave off hunger pains.
But a friend tells MailOnline the Fashion Star judge is 'healthy.'
The source added: 'This is completely false, she is not anorexic.'
Still, there is no arguing she has lost a lot of weight since she looked healthy - and sexy - in a black bikini just over two years ago.
Nicole first seemed thinner than usual in June when a gold dress hung off her thin frame at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City.
In late October when she stepped out in a black dress with a plunging neckline to the Who What Wear 50 Style Stars event in West Hollywood, her chest appeared bony and her arms were very slender.
In mid November she displayed some very protruding shoulders bones while at Balthazar and Rosetta Getty's home in Los Angeles, where she showed her support for fellow jewellery designer Sabine Ghanem.
In late November the Simple Life beauty raised eyebrows when she wore a white cut-out dress to the American Music Awards.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

she has to be skinny cuz that's the only thing the press cares about when it comes to her. nobody started paying attention to her until she lost all that weight a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

yes, she's anorexic. in other news, water is wet.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

This is actually a good pic of her. The one I saw she looked skeletal. co-sign @ 9:19am. She was doing well at one point and fattened up a little, but then she became invisible and the media forgot about her. Now look @ her. She's one step away from death eatin' a cracker, but she's got attention. Lionel needs to get her some serious therapy, out of the country.

Anonymous said...

LOL@aNON@10:28. I feel you on that one; this ain't hardly news

Anonymous said...

She needs to come out .... And tell us thats HIV ...she just not taking her MED ...she been sick for years .... Is good for Hollywood to cover up but not HIV just be real.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Being anorexic and those type eating disorders, ages you prematurely, she's looks old, tired and run down even with all the makeup. she looks 20 years older than she actually is, starving yourself is a hollyweird rite of passage. all that bronzer can't cover up how ghastly she looks. when you lead a vapid lifestyle devoid of any real substance, what else is there? one would think with her two children, and accessory and clothing line she would feel more fulfilled, even if her marriage is falling apart, but I guess on the inside there is no real substance so everything is directed outward with a hungry craving for validation smh.

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