Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Robin Thicke Caught in Steamy Embrace

R&B singer Robin Thicke caught in a steamy embrace on the dance floor but not with his wife.
Talk about getting blasted.
Robin Thicke apparently blurred the lines between married and single while enjoying a night of partying in Paris with Kanye West.
The "Blurred Lines" singer, 36, who has been married to actress Paula Patton since 2005, was photographed getting really close to a pretty young girl on the dance floor at a night club.
In some pictures Thicke, just appears to be enjoying some hot and heavy dancing. But in others, the singer looks like he’s leaning all the way in for a lip-lock with his female companion.
The singer performed at the hotspot, Club 79 in Paris, before joining the crowd of partyers for some fun. He photographed downing at least one drink and holding cigarette.
Jacked from NY Daily News  


Anonymous said...

robin thicke is gross. besides, he probably scoped out that chick for him and his wife to have a threesome with.

Anonymous said...

They are DRUG ADDICT SWINGERS. Nothing to see here!

Its Miss Cunt to you Hoes said...

He is just so fucking gross to me, he always looks sweaty, greasy, smelly and drugged out of his mind, him and his man faced, wide neck and bad shaped wife are one of the grosses couples ever, they are just ick nast!!!

Anonymous said...

@6:55 - I thought I was the only one who thought Paula Patton has a manly face. Everybody else goin' on about how gorgeous she is and I'm like "She looka like-a man with a box-shaped body!" They both look drugged out to me. They probably have to stay high to put up with each other!

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