Thursday, January 2, 2014

Selena Gomez Getting Help

Sources say Selena Gomez is quietly getting help for a personal problem.
Our clever friends at are reporting that a young starlet is already getting help privately, and she is not going to make a big deal about it.
“We’ve heard some really crazy rumors over the past couple of weeks about her and we are going to address ALL of them at once. Here we go: Her ex doesn’t matter. She never showed up at his house and made a scene. Ticket sales were very good. She does not have some devastating disease. She isn’t sleeping around. She does not have an STD. She is not pregnant. She did not OD. There was no celebrity intervention. And any outlet that reports ANY of these things is just trying to add drama to the situation,” reports
“This girl is talented, she works really hard, and she is one of the nicest people in the business. She is taking care of her health and her well-being. We are rooting for her,” they add.
Sources tell NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB that the girl is Selena Gomez!
Jacked from Naughty But Nice Rob


Anonymous said...

Sounds like damage control from her fixers. Oh, and "Her ex doesn't matter" because it was a mutual bearding agreement.

Anonymous said...

Basically she has a dependency on a drug and needs rehab/depression therapy. That was easy!

nba is fixed said...

This young attractive girl who can't sing, act or dance has quickly became a B-list celebrity. You have to wonder how many of those Disney demons molested and raped her in order for her to become a star. Maybe that's the reason why she is using drugs. It's so sad! Selena's life is somewhat similar to Britney Spears.

Anonymous said...

It is reported she has Lupus and has for awhile. Her people did not want it in the media (and still are not really saying) because it affects her ability to work.

Anonymous said...

pray for this young girl

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