Friday, January 31, 2014

Shakira Releases Sexy New Video Featuring Rihanna

Shakira release the smoking hot video for her new single 'Can't Remember to Forget You' ft. Rihanna.
We know they are meant to be under a man's spell and all that - but this is pure hotness
They both hail from the Caribbean and are seriously, seriously, sexy.
So we were expecting a lot from the much anticipated duet between pop princess Shakira and bad girl Ri-Ri - and guess what, we were not disappointed.
The sizzling video, which was released today, shows the sizzling duo writhe around, stroke each other and smoke cigars on a bed and white striped bed.
Before you say this is just cheap thrills, the whole premise of Can't Remember To Forget You is that the pair are under a man's spell. They have to do this stuff.

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Sunno said...

Yesssss, they killed and slayed. I've always loved Shakira and RiRi does it. This kinda of reminds me of the duet she did with Beyonce.

Anonymous said...

I wish the faux-bisexual thing would go out of style. Some people find it sexy, but I find it played-out and try-hard.

Anonymous said...

So is the media going to call out Shakira like they did Beyoncé for being a mother in her 30's scantily dressed and selling sex?

And I agree with 10:39 about the bisexual, lesbian, gay agenda that is constantly being pushed. I just find it amazing that there seems to be some cultural shift going on where a straight married couple gets blasted for doing a risqué performance yet no one has a problem with stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

checker board background..more ritual magik.

Anonymous said...

The song is trash and the video is boring!

Beautiful liar >>> This mess

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

I like both of them as singer, I didn't care too much for the song and the video was kind of tame, compared to Riri's Te Amo which was scorching hot.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

Without these overly sexual nonsensical videos, that have nothing to do with the damn song.....none of these people would sell any music.Nobody would buy this harrible sounding shit. There's gotta be some hidden subliminal messages in these videos to brainwash simpletons into spending money on this garbage. No other explanation. And how many times do we really need to see shakira and Pon de FOhead poke out their damn asses???? PURE GARBAJ!!! make it stop!!

zeedee said...

The song sucks..and rhi's hand tat..horrible!

Anonymous said...

"There's gotta be some hidden subliminal messages in these videos to brainwash simpletons into spending money on this garbage."

I think you're right. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that label execs mix certain sounds and chants and phrases into certain artists' music that casts a spell on those who listen to it, especially since corporate radio plays the same handful of songs by the same handful of artists ad nauseum. The easily impressionable would fall under the spell and mindlessly purchase or download those songs.

Anonymous said...

10:39, agreed. Truly sick and tired of all this bisexual shit. As if a woman can't be sexy without making out with another woman. GTFOHWTBS.
I refuse to dignify that video with my viewing. I've heard the song and it's regurgitated 80's garbage. Shakira sings like the Cookie Monster.

Anonymous said...

@9:00 AM and 3:32 PM
You two clowns are giving the music industry way too much credit, the only muthafukkas would be subliminally programmed by this bullshit music, is part of the zombie apocalypse. no person with at least one functioning brain cell thinks shitty music like this is good. shitty music is shitty music regardless of the sexed up video's. I usually like Shakira but she sounds like shit in this song and I'm going to need her to stop with the tired ass poking out of her ass, she did that shit in she wolf and every other video. come up with new moves that does not involve a bed, which btw she has also done to death ugh!!!

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