Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shia LaBeouf Plagiarizes Gucci Mane

Shia LaBeouf apologizes for plagiarizing artist Daniel Clowes with an apology plagiarized from Gucci Mane.
Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf recently came under fire for plagiarizing artist Daniel Clowes in his short film HowardCantour.com. And now it appears he's taken his apology for the incident straight from Gucci Mane's Twitter feed. Well, actually, it was an apology for an apology. LaBeouf decided that the best way to say "I'm sorry for plagiarizing" was by hiring a skywriter to create a 5-mile-long sign over Los Angeles. And (surprise!) people were offended.
So, he took to twitter to write this:
"Im addicted to lean & that shit ain’t no joke. I can barely remember all the things I’ve done & said. However there’s no excuse 4 skywriting"
That tweet is suspiciously similar to one penned by Gucci back in September when he apologized for his total meltdown on the social media site.
You remember, the one where he claimed to have slept with Nicki Minaj and essentially made enemies with every other person in the rap game?
Afterwards, Mane showed remorse to friends and family and wrote:
"I'm addicted to lean & that sh-t ain't no joke. I can barely remember all the things I've done & said. However there's no excuse. (Cont)"
The "Freaky Gurl" rapper had an impressively bad 2013 that included an assault charge (his second), a jail stint and the loss of his gun collection.
Now that Shia has poked fun at someone's public confession to a struggle with substance abuse, the world is now eagerly awaiting his next apology for an apology for an apology.
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this dude is losing his mind

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This whole piece is confusion, slow news day! Why does Shia look like Robert Eglum, the guy that played Freddy Krueger

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