Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tom Sizemore Caught on Camera Smoking Heroin

Actor Tom Sizemore caught on camera smoking heroin and making racial slurs.

Saving Tom Sizemore: Actor's fall from grace captured on video as he's seen smoking drugs and making racist remarks
The Saving Private Ryan actor, has admitted to drug use since he was 15, and got clean in 2010 on Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew, now faces a renewed battle with addiction.
While allegedly high on the drugs, Sizemore levels several abusive comments at Mexican men, saying he hates them because they all 'stink, they’re hairy, they’re brown' and smell like 'f***ing fertilizer.
'They just f***ing try and tax you and f***ing beat your a* and kill ya, he added.
A source told The National Enquirer: 'First, he used heroin, which was on this bathroom sink, wrapped in foil.
'He lights it with a cheap lighter placed under the foil and uses a straw to inhale the smoke.' 'A couple minutes later, he’s ready to use the crystal meth, which he smokes through a glass pipe,' the source added.
The footage of the father of two, who made his mark in such gritty '90s dramas as Natural Born Killers and Heat, was taken in the bathroom of his Los Angeles home, RadarOnline also pointed out.
The actor is seen sweating profusely in the video, and looking wild-eyed as he takes a hit.
Later in the video he is also reported to have made damaging comments about former drug user Oliver Stone - who directed Wall Street and Platoon - calling him a 'lost cause' and claiming that drugs have 'torn him up.' The celebrity also let spill that Stone was hanging out with prostitutes when he filmed Born On The Fourth Of July in 1989, but star Tom Cruise did not partake.
The Enquirer's source said: 'The world should see this video because then maybe Tom will realize he’s killing himself with drugs and clean himself up for good.'
The Hollywood fixture has been on a dark path since splitting with his wife Maeve Quinlan in 1999 (they wed in 1996).
In 2003 he dated Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss and was also convicted of assault and battery.
He was arrested in 2007 while still on probation for a previous drug conviction for possession of methamphetamines and later sentenced to 16 months in prison.
The sentence was reduced to nine months because Sizemore already served 213 days in county jail because he was unable to post bail.
And in May 2009, Sizemore was arrested on an outstanding warrant for drug charges but was later released. Sizemore has twin sons Jagger and Jaedon, aged eight, with ex-girlfriend Janelle McIntire.
The star has been battling addiction since he was 15-years-old and has been in rehab several times. He chronicled his harrowing drug tales in the tome By Some Miracle I Made It Out Of There.
He has been busy filming several movies, including Private Number with Nanny actress Nicholle Tom.

Jacked from The Daily Mail


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

This coming from the soon to be deceased, anyhoo I never knew you could smoke heroin, I thought that was injected, you learn something new everyday. moving right along.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

Really a fucking shame. He's white and had every opportunity laid at his feet. He's a career addict now and won't stop. I saw him on Celebrity rehab. He surrounds himself with enablers and shitty scum bag people that are contributing to his demise.

Anonymous said...

Hell is waiting Tom

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