Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tyra Banks Dating Iranian Businessman

Tyra Banks quietly dating Iranian businessman Shervin Pishevar.
The first and only time I was permitted to gaze (through a Skype window) at the glittering visage of Tyra Banks, the tech-curious TV personality told me she would "love to have invested in Uber." Banks, who launched her own photo app and claimed to spend "a lot of time in Silicon Valley," may have better deal flow now that she's dating Shervin Pishevar, an early investor in the $3.5 billion e-hailing company.
Neither Pishevar nor Banks responded to my questions about their relationship. But for the past couple months, onlookers have been agape over the budding romance between a humble-bragging, attention-grabbing startup financier and the Victoria's Secret model who transformed herself into a booty-tooching household name. The unlikely couple does share a common interest: Banks has already backed a number of apps (including one with Ashton Kutcher) through her own investment firm, Fierce Capital.
In December, Pishevar and Banks were spotted in San Francisco—dining out in SoMa as well as The Battery, the members-only, no-photos-allowed social club constructed with the spoils of an AOL acquisition. Sources tell Valleywag that the couple, who met a few months ago, are now official and even vacationed near St. Barts over the holidays.
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Anonymous said...

Money! Money! Money!

Anonymous said...

It all come with a hefty price and I know she don't want to pay it. it seem so odd, in a country where it is their custom to whip a woman ass if she get out of line , like driving a car or seen in public talking to another man, the men male blood relatives got the right to whip your ass too. But women still think they have made it cause the man got money. This is some sad shit.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

I don't know which woman in her right mind would be with one of these males, raised in a culture where women are viewed as second class citizens. this is a business deal of these types who are looking to expand their "brands". nothing more nothing less.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

Tyra Banks w/her oversized forehead got super duper problems. If you're wealthy & powerful, she'll date that ass. She don't give a shit what you've done or what kind of culture you were raised in. Everybody wanna give Janet Jackson props for her ugly arab husband. He's not a billionaire, it's his family that has the money. He's brought up in a male dominated culture as well and she a hound dog for money too and don't care as long as she's taken care of for life.

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