Friday, February 21, 2014

Britney Spears Caught Lip-syncing

Britney Spears caught with her mouth away from her mic while her voice was still singing.
Sometimes you just get caught up in the moment!
And if you're Britney Spears, that moment gets captured on video for millions of people to see.
The pop princess was performing onstage last night at her Las Vegas residency dubbed "Piece of Me" when a concertgoer taped her missing her cue.
Now, before we go into details about what happened…let us just say one thing: Leave Britney alone!
Okay, glad we cleared that up. Brit Brit performed "Alien" to the sold-out crowd and seemingly missed the mark on when she was supposed to sing...though her voice still seemed to be singing the song. It looks like the mother of two got so excited and distracted by all of her fans, but immediately picked up her mic and carried on like a true professional.
Jacked from E Online


Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

Why is this news? since she first came on the scene she's been lip syncing, its only back in her earlier days she was a decent dancer, and all the backup dancers and stage imagery distracted from her no talent ass. I'm not for sure why they keep commenting on her non singing lip syncing ass, they pay to see that fuckery, personally I don't even believe that's even her voice anymore bitch has a ghost singer like ghost writer, her ass been on some Mili Vineli shit for awhile now, girl you know its true.

Anonymous said...

@1:35 PM - Exactly! Saying Britney got "caught" lip-syncing is like saying Bill Clinton got "caught" with his dick inside some random hoe. That shit ain't news, or even shocking. And yeah, she DOES have a ghost singer. It's the reason she didn't perform one of her songs on her last tour--there was too much of a glaring difference between Britney's voice and the studio singer's voice for her to pull it off, even though she would've been lipping to the track. I'm sure for her last album the studio engineers mixed her vocals with someone else's to keep her from sounding like too much of a spaced-out, tone-deaf robot.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why these fools continue to spend good money on this show. Just watch all her videos and call it a night.

Anonymous said...

@1:35, you said everything. We all know Brit is not a singer. She is just an entertainer, whom used to have a great look and stage presence and that is what music industry looks for in "singers", which why so many great singers never get mainstream deals. They have to be backup singers, songwriters, producers, or in many cases, ghost singers.

signwithclass said...

In other shocking news, fire burns.

Anonymous said...

Slow news day, huh?

Anonymous said...

Even more shocking news, water is wet.

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