Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cher's Son Shares Heroin Nightmare

Cher's son Elijah Blue Allman shares his heroin addiction story.
Cher's son Elijah Blue Allman -- whom she welcomed during her marriage to rocker Gregg Allman in the 1970s -- was just 11 years old when he used drugs for the first time. What followed was a long battle with addiction, which led to some "close calls" with mortality, he revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.
"I started with drugs around the same time that we all did, around 11," the now-37-year-old musician and artist confessed, noting that he first experimented with weed and ecstasy. "I mean, it's just what you did, it's just what everybody did."
After some time, he said, he moved on to harder drugs, partly as a way to numb himself to old wounds. "I [was] just looking to escape all the things in my past, and that's when you turn to those kind of drugs, you know, heroin and opiates," he explained to ET. "[Heroin] kind of saved me...If I didn't have that at that point, I don't know what I would have done...You may jump off a bridge. If you can just go through that time period and live through it and then get help..."
Jacked from Us Magazine


WTF??!!!!!! said...

Cher's kids are MAJORLY fucked up. Just look at chastity's confused frankenstein ass, now. Cher was too busy feeding her ego & stardom and trying to hold on to the fountain of youth...instead of being a mother. Her face ain't gonna handle no more plastic surgery so she has to suck it up and it's showing.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

No sweetie that's not what everybody did, maybe in your fucked up ass circle, regular folks out here don't have children doing drugs at 11. I will never understand the fascination with being a drug addict, the idea of anything having control over me and my faculties is not remotely appealing. the fact that he was doing drugs at 11 his parents failed him and if this fool have children, he might want to see about getting cleaned. these folks feeling dead and empty inside need to study Taoist spiritual systems to learn to cope with life and the mundane. I mean fucks sake!!!

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