Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heidi Klum Begs Seal to Take Her Back

Heidi Klum begging ex-husband for a reconciliation.
HEIDI KLUM is heartbroken after ex-husband Seal shot down her pleas to reconcile, sources tell The ENQUIRER.
The 40-year-old “Project Runway” judge is single again after splitting with bodyguard Martin Kirsten – but sources say she’s still hung up on Seal, 50.
Heidi dumped the British singer – and dad to their four kids – two years ago to pursue a steamy relationship with Kirsten.
“Heidi assumed Seal would take her back in a flash because he was so heartbroken when they split,” said a source. “But over time he learned to focus on his new life, and he’s just been photographed out and about with a new woman. No doubt he’d rather be with her than go back to tempestuous Heidi. In fact, he told Heidi she needs to look elsewhere for a man.” It didn’t take her long. On Feb. 8, she was spotted getting cozy with Demi Moore’s ex-toy boy, 27-year-old playboy Vito Schnabel, in a Hollywood hotspot.
“Heidi was dev¬astated when Seal turned her down, so she went out to party the pain away and hooked up with Vito,” explained the source. “But this is definitely a rebound. She’d rather be with Seal.”
Seal and Klum were married for seven years but endured a bitter bustup, with Seal famously accusing her of “fornicating with the help.” Eventually, they called a truce and were seen acting cordially at events with their kids Leni, 9, Henry, 8, Johan, 7, and Lou, 4.
“Seal has learned to forgive Heidi, but that’s more for the kids’ sake than anything else,” said a second source. “There was a time he’d have given his right arm to have her back, but now he’s over her.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Can't trust these ho's

Anonymous said...

LOL@Anon....she thought Seal was a sucka.

Anonymous said...

You can't make a ho a housewife

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Read some sht bout her slutT.. Bet he caught her fkn the bodyguard shes wild yo

Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

From the energy I was getting he didn't treat her ass good anyway so I don't know why she would be begging him to take her ass back, fornicating with the help smashed his ego to bits lol, I knew that "relationship" with the bodyguard was going nowhere he did not want that woman, cut your losses and call it a day, get that vag tightened up as you pale women have very loose muscle tone to begin with, then find you some hot young piece, you may have to do like JLo, and pay for young hot dick to service your ass and have as arm candy to take out to special events. women on her level of fame and money with their ego are not going to find a man who can tolerate her independence, such is the way of patriarchy, so accept your inner matriarchal leanings and pay for a young piece, why put up with a man competing and trying to control you? y"all still ain't got the memo on this 24,000 year sun cycle of the divine feminine. the Great Mothers said to tell you women take your power back, men are only 1% of the equation and women are 99% the sooner you learn that, the better it will be for all of you. damn y"all need to pay me!!

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