Monday, February 10, 2014

Justin Bieber Parties with P Diddy

Justin Bieber parties with Diddy amid rumors the teen pop star is spiraling out of control.
TROUBLED star Justin Bieber shows no sign of putting the brakes on his party lifestyle in these latest snaps.
On the day video footage of the star being frisked by the Miami police has emerged, Justin has been snapped partying the night away with P Diddy and company.
Clearly unfazed by accusations he is spiralling out of control, the 19-year-old singer was shown living in up at Vanquish nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia.
The singer wore heavy chains and posed for photos with fellow partygoers TI Jermaine Dupri, Wale and Rick Ross along with his new heavy-browed lover Chantel Jeffries.
Meanwhile, best pal Lil Za has been keeping a low profile after being charged with three felonies, two for being in possession of Ecstasy and Oxycodone.
In his absence Justin's buddy has been hanging out in California with none other than 16-year-old Kylie Jenner, sister of Kim Kardashian.
Jacked from The Sun  


Anonymous said...

which translates to he was suckin' on dicks all night. ew.

Sunno said...

JB is going to end up dead. I guess his parents never told him "live fast die young". He's trying way to hard, to be hard for a bunch of soft ass punks. Ain't no real thugs in that picture all studio gangsters.

zeedee said...

Yea that pic lookin like beiber prayin PLEASE NO MORE!'s disturbing on so many levels

Anonymous said...

Why are these grown azz men hanging with
this little boy?

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