Friday, February 21, 2014

Kanye Taking Over Kim's Career

Kanye West takes over Kim Kardashian's career to get her to the next level.

Kanye West knows best!
The rapper has done what once seemed impossible, seizing control of fiancée Kim Kardashian‘s career from her controlling “momager,” Kris Jenner, has exclusively learned.
“Kanye is now totally in charge of Kim’s career and his non-stop wheeling and dealing is leaving Kris out of control,” a source with close business ties to Kardashian revealed.
“Kanye has managed to get Kim to cut her magazine and media appearances by a shocking level and that’s going directly against Kris’ plan to seize every publicity opportunity offered to her daughters.”
The singer, who, as Radar recently reported, has become a groomzilla while planning every detail of his upcoming wedding to Kardashian, is taking a similar approach to her business “brand.”
“Kanye has ordered Kim to run out the clock on several of her fashion endorsement projects, including the lucrative deal with Sears which she shares with her sisters,” the source told Radar.
But the source said in advising his fiancée, mom to their daughter North, West is butting heads with a determined Mama Bear!
“He’s alienating Kris and that’s going to be a long-term problem for him that won’t go away,” the source said.
“Kris loves money, but she can’t be bought out of Kim’s life no matter how much Kanye is helping her ‘get to the next level,’ which are his words exactly,” the source concluded.
Jacked from Radar Online


Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

What career? since when walking around with a fix a flat ass, looking like a melted wax dead eyed possum become a career, boy sit down and stop playing with the public.

Anonymous said...

If that "next level" is total obscurity, then I'm all for it! Her 15 mins got stretched to 24 hrs and it's beyond time for Kim and her entire Klan to disappear from the face of the earth!

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this but Kim Kanye is trying to destroy you. He wants to be the only queen of the Nile. Run for your life.

Anonymous said...

OHHH this is good...they will both be gone REAL SOON! Can't stand him and can't stand her. They belong together...rise and fall.

Anonymous said...

Well she started the so call career by sucking dick, Then she went to fucking mostly Blackmen and bringing them down. She married a Whiteman and that didn't work. Fucking her is like dealing with a blow up doll, Competion has risen in the house hold among the women since the her younger sisters have started whoring and step daddy done changed his sex, so what can her next move be if things bottoms out?

Anonymous said...

He can't even manage his own so called 'career'. FOH

Anonymous said...

WHAT effing career does she have outside of being a Hollywood SLORE????

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