Friday, February 28, 2014

Kim Kardashian Confronted by Man in Blackface at Vienna Opera Ball

Kim Kardashian humiliated at the annual Vienna Opera Ball after being confronted by a man in blackface pretending to be Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian stormed out of the hoity-toity Vienna Ball after some white dude working the event came up to her in black face, pretending to be Kanye West!
Kim was paid $500K to be the guest of Richard Lugner, an Austrian businessman who has a long history of paying starlets half-a-mil to be his arm candy at the Vienna Annual Opera Ball.
Lugner just did an interview trashing Kim for not sticking to the program, saying, "Kim is annoying me."
But we're told she was taking pics with Lugner when a guy who was working the ball came up to her ... IN BLACK FACE acting like he was Kanye. She walked away from the guy, but had to stay another hour and a half.
The final straw. A short time later a guy came up to Kim and asked her to dance. She said she wasn't a good dancer, and then the guy responded, he would dance with her if the orchestra played "N****rs in Vienna."
Kim is saying there were other problems. She told her people Lugner was aggressive, at times grabbing her and imploring her to lose her security. She said Lugner was trying to be alone with her.
And, we're told a lot of this was caught on tape because Kim was shooting for her reality show.
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Anonymous said...

"And, we're told a lot of this was caught on tape because Kim was shooting for her reality show."

IOW, this shit was entirely STAGED. that "man" in blackface was probably PMK herself, trying to stir up controversy to get ratings for that sinking franchise!

Anonymous said...

As fucked up as it is that this happened to her, this sounds like the Lugner guy set her up and also, Kim why the hell are you still playing high class escort? You finally landed a man that accepts your hoing past, gave you a baby and is losing friends, family and fans for wanting to marry you. Every former and current adult entertain, myself included knows that just does not happen. You did this to yourself. Stop hooking and get to cooking. Be a mom and a wife. You got to hang up your hooker heels and little black dresses sometime. Its dame shame that your almost 35 and still out here tricking.

Anonymous said...

gutter lying racist trash.all the kardashaians and kanye to can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

It's strange that at an event full of photographers, not one of them got a picture of this so-called "confrontation". I call BS on this story!

Kim didn't want to screw an 80 yr old man no matter how much money he offered her or how much her mom tried to talk her into it.

The REAL question is will Kris give Lugner his $$$ back!

Anonymous said...

Lies!! High priestess Kris is pimping you again.

Anonymous said...

Kim you've been an escort for years like Paris. The End

Anonymous said...

Paris is an actual madam, who put Kim on game. All these chicks are paid to date these men, they are prosititutes.

Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

Fuck this tired ass possum faced whore and her publicity stunts.

Anonymous said...


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